American Goat Federation

ABGA is one of three major organizational members of the American Goat Federation.  There are presently three ABGA members serving on the AGF board of directors.  They are Sam Abney from Alabama, Vicki Stich, from Iowa,  and Anita Teel Dahnke, from Indiana.   Vicki is the official ABGA representative on the AGF board.


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As a member organization, ABGA has an opportunity to participate in surveys and other questionnaires distributed to AGF by government agencies including the UDSA, universities and groups conducting research.  ABGA also may provide input for the annual visit to Washington, DC each spring to discuss issues concerning goat producers with various congressmen and USDA representatives.

To access resources available on the AGF website, including the UC Davis Kidding Video, follow this link:  Logo-4b