ABGA Affiliate Program

In recognition of the efforts of local clubs and the impact their activities have on the goat industry, ABGA implemented the Affiliate Program in 2004. With the rapid growth in the meat goat industry, these goat clubs have an increased role of education, marketing and promotion. They provide an essential service in promoting the industry and educating breeders at the local level.


Boer Goat Association of North Carolina
Contact:  Kelly Clark
PO Box 36479; Greensboro, NC 27416
Email:  KellyClark@triad.rr.com
Serving States:  North Carolina

Illinois Meat Goat Producers
779 CR 800 E; Tolono, IL 61880
Email: dpwether@yahoo.com
website: www.ilmeatgoat.org
Serving States: Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana

Indiana Boer Goat Classic
7974 East 100 South; Elwood, IN 46978
Email: treasurer@indianaboergoat.org
website: www.indianaboergoat.org

Keystone Goat Producers Association
Contact: Cameron Reigle
125 Ivy Drive; Middletown, PA  17057
Website:  www.keystonegoatproducers.net
Email: camstoys@comcast.net
Serving States: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York

Northern California Meat Goat Association
Contact: Carl McCosker
PO Box 553
Gridley, CA 95948
Email: ncmga@yahoo.com

Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Assoc, Inc
Contact:  James Shepard
4458 32nd St; Grinnell IA 50112
Email:  dcc3200@gmail.com
Website:  www.meatgoatwether.com
Serving States:  Iowa

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The objectives of the ABGA Affiliate program include:

To provide resources at the local clubs level
To provide networking opportunities for the local clubs
To attract and retain goat producers
To assist with educational opportunities
To cultivate grassroots input from local clubs

Local clubs benefit from joining the group of
recognized affiliates by receiving:

Listing on the Affiliate page of The Boer Goat including a short description
Listing on the Affiliate section of ABGA website with description of club’s mission
Listing of club events (shows and educational events) on the ABGA Event Calendar
Monthly listing of new ABGA members in the Affiliate’s area
Eligibility to receive ABGA promotional and educational material for club events
Eligibility for educational funds
Eligibility for cost share programs
Membership matching funds at the end of each year
Opportunities for future programs

Affiliate contact information is listed in The Boer Goat and posted on the official ABGA website to aid clubs in attracting new members. ABGA provides affiliates with an electronic listing of new members in their coverage area as potential members for their club. ABGA encourages affiliates to contact the new members and invite them to a club event because the affiliate club can be a valuable local resource for the new member.

Affiliates have the opportunity to apply for funds to conduct educational seminars in their area. They can apply for cost share programs such as a display booth for the club. At the end of each year, membership rosters of the local affiliate will be matched with the membership roster of the association. The affiliate will receive a membership match of $1.00 per match for each person who is a member of both the affiliate and the ABGA. The affiliates are notified of future programs as they become available.


In order to become a recognized affiliate, a local club needs to complete the affiliate application and submit the annual membership fee of $75. ABGA staff will review the application and notification will be sent to affiliate upon recognition. At the end of each year, ABGA sends each affiliate a renewal notice, and in order to continue as an affiliate, the club will need to return the form with any corrections, along with the $75 membership fee and a current roster, for the membership match.
Downloadable Forms (pdf)