Member Benefits

Member benefits are core to the American Boer Goat Association,
and all members have access to what the ABGA offers.

Association Communications
Because the Boer Goat magazine is distributed to every member, it is used as an official communication method for the association.  The Boer Goat Monthly email news, provides monthly, up to date news of events for all members with valid email addresses.  In addition, direct mail when indicated and  year-end reports are used for communication with members.

The ABGA website provides members with internet access all the information they need to interact with ABGA and access member services and news, including registering goats and accessing information about specific goat pedigrees.

The ABGA facebook page gives current information and links to important website pages that have been updated or contain information that is important to members who make of use of the Facebook social network.

Voting Rights
Each year the association conducts an annual meeting of the members to inform them on the activities of the association over the past year, and to collect information from members in attendance about needed changes.

As a member of ABGA, you have the right to vote in leadership elections and run for the position of director in your region. ABGA members also vote on bylaw changes proposed for the association, and have the opportunity to serve on various committees.

ABGA Sanctioned Show Program
The ABGA sanctioned show program is a partnership through the show ring with the ABGA and major and stand-alone shows. ABGA receives no money from these shows, and over the past 6 years, ABGA has invested over 400,000 dollars in show support. The ABGA sanctioned show program is the largest in the Boer goat industry with over 14,500 animals exhibited in 2006. Members of ABGA use the program to receive genetic evaluation of their animals by certified judges, to complete for show honors and to market their genetics to the industry.

Judge Certification Program
ABGA conducts a judge’s certification program for individuals who desire to judge for ABGA and the Boer goat industry. The 2½ day program consists of classroom, class placing, oral reasons and a final exam. The program is designed for individuals with prior livestock judging experience and/or strong knowledge of goat production. The program is not a training course due to the nature of the practice placing, oral reasons, final testing, methods and materials covered. Each program is limited to 25-30 students.

ABGA Affiliate Program
With the rapid growth in the meat goat industry, the local meat goat and Boer goat clubs have an increased role in education, marketing and promotion. These local groups provide an essential role in promoting the industry and educating breeders. The ABGA Board of Directors recognizes the efforts of the clubs and the impact their programs have on the goat industry. In 2004, ABGA began development of a program to aid, assist and work together with local clubs. The objectives of the AGBA affiliate program include: providing additional resources at the local club level; providing networking opportunities for the local clubs; attracting and retaining goat producers; assisting with educational opportunities; providing a method for grassroots input from local clubs. Local clubs will benefit from joining the group of recognized affiliates by receiving a listing on the affiliate page of the Boer Goat magazine, a listing in the affiliate section of the AGBA website, eligibility for educational funds and eligibility for cost sharing programs and membership match funds at the end of each year.

The Value of Pedigrees
The American Boer Boat Association provides many valuable services to their membership, one of the most important being the recording of ancestry, or pedigrees. Pedigrees are a valuable tool in livestock breeding because these ancestral records provide knowledge necessary for predicting progeny performance. More value can be added by recording performance records of each individual and its progeny. A permanent record of ancestors and their comparative production traits is an indispensable tool if breeders are to make wise breeding decisions that lead to improved production and efficiency. Pedigrees are of value to all segments of the industry. Commercial producers purchasing seed stock will dramatically decrease their chance of error if they use pedigrees in making their selection decisions. Breeding programs can be directed toward goals by selecting seed stock that excels in those traits for which the herds need improvement. Information contained as part of a registration certificate consists of individual animal identification, and parentage (sire and dam). With that knowledge and previous information stored in the breed association data bank, a pedigree or ancestral record can be produced for the breeder. The breeder provides every piece of raw data used in the production of pedigrees and records, bringing to surface the importance of breeder integrity. Few, if any, industries are more dependent upon individual integrity than the pedigreed livestock industry.

ABGA Ennoblement Program
The premier level of recognition for full blood genetics within the Boer Goat industry is an ennoblement award from ABGA. The ennoblement program is designed to identify the top genetics within the ABGA Full Blood Registry from showing, progeny and performance. Animals obtain points during ABGA sanctioned shows and performance testing. Animals are required to pass two visual inspections by ABGA judges/inspectors for ennoblement. The road to ennoblement is not easy; however, the increased value of the genetics within the industry can be substantial.

Percentage Doe of Excellence Award
The Percentage Doe of Excellence award recognizes does from the Percentage Registry that excel in the ABGA sanctioned show program.

ABGA Breed Standards
The ABGA breed standard is a conceptual ideal of the perfect animal based on the best knowledge of the industry. The standard identifies desirable and undesirable traits with emphasis on production traits. Standards are a yardstick by which the breeder may measure his advances toward an ideal Boer goat. There are separate breed standards for the Full Blood and Percentage Registries. The breed standard will change over time as the demands of the industry change.

Subscription to the Boer Goat Magazine
The Boer Goat magazine is the official bi-monthly publication of the ABGA. It is mailed to all active members. Full of information on the latest ABGA news, events and programs, the Boer Goat keeps Boer goat breeders on the inside track. The Boer Goat magazine contains important announcements about ABGA activities that directly affect members, and provides an opportunity for members to advertise and market their genetics. The subscription to the magazine is a $35.00 value and is provided free of cost to all members.

Subscription to the Boer Goat Monthly enewsletter
The Boer Goat Monthly email news, provides monthly, up to date news of events for all members with valid email addresses.   It is distributed via email the 1st of each month.

ABGA Online Services
All members have access to the ABGA Online data base which gives them the power to do in-depth research on animals’ pedigrees. Progeny and points awarded to animals for the Full Blood Ennoblement program and the Percentage Doe of Excellence Program are available from robust searching.
ABGA Online members can research more than 350,000 American Boer Goats and locate over 20,000 U.S. and foreign breeder of goats. The service allows members to view and print full pedigrees and progeny listings. No software installation is required and you can log on from any PC or Mac with an internet connection. To sign up, please complete the ABGA Online application and return to the ABGA office.

ABGA Online Sale Catalogs [not available at this time]
The on-line sale catalog service is available to active and junior members of the American Boer Goat Association. Catalog listings include pedigrees for each lot, obtained directly from the ABGA database. Sale notes can be included (up to 100 words per lot, supplied by the seller). Links can be included to additional introductory sale notes, reference sire and/or donor dam details and the member’s website,etc. Lots can be sorted and viewed according to lot number, animal name, sire name, etc.

ABGA Online Private Treaty Catalogs [not available at this time]
The on-line semen catalog service is available to all active and junior members of the American Boer Goat Association. The private treaty sales service includes for sale listings of American Boer Goat seed stock where the seller is not hosting an actual sales event such as an annual production sale, etc. Private treaty sales listings have been designed with the smaller producer in mind and are set up and can be searched just like the on-line sale catalogs.

ABGA Semen Catalogs [not available at this time]
The on-line semen catalog service is available to active and junior members of the American Boer Goat Association. Listings include pedigree details for each lot, obtained directly from the ABGA database. Sale notes can be provided by the vendor (up to 150 words per lot, including details of semen price and availability). Links can be included to additional introductory notes, company website, etc.

B-GIN Program [not available at this time]
The Boer Goat Improvement Network of (B-GIN Program) was the first of its kind in the meat goat industry.This program was intended to provide measurable estimates of the genetic value of an animal as a parent and make a real difference for US goat producers in terms of selecting breeding stock for specific measurable traits. The genetic evaluation procedures are be similar to those used by breeders of cattle and other species. Individual animal performance measures are recorded by breeders. Records are then submitted to the ABGA office. Due to a lack of member participation, the B-GIN Program is not in use at this time.

ABGA Industry Research
ABGA actively seeks opportunities to improve the infrastructure of the American meat goat industry.  Since 2003, ABGA has taken a leadership role with grants and research projects across the United States. The projects have ranged from industry education to parasite research. This working partnership of ABGA and university researchers has leveraged over 300,000 in grant dollars and in-kind funding for the development of the goat industry. As a breed association, ABGA has taken a leadership role to bring researchers, producers and private industry together to improve the American meat goat.

ABGA Industry Activities
ABGA is a member of the National Pedigree Livestock Association (NPLC). NPLC is an organization consisting of purebred breed associations and livestock industry leaders with a common goal of improving the livestock industry. The NPLC is involved in education, breed association evelopment and acting as a spokesperson for the livestock industry. The NPLC represents over 45 purebred associations which represent over 725,000 livestock producers.