JABGA Leadership Conference

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr Seuss


We are currently working on getting one started for 2017. Please follow the link below to take a brief survey on future JABGA Youth Leadership Conferences


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Leadership skills are essential in everyday life. ABGA and JABGA believe in the importance of being a leader and are focused on having members benefit from JABGA programs by learning about agricultural issues and meeting other Boer goat leaders.

JABGA hosts a conference each July for the purpose of leadership training and development. The conference is open to JABGA members age 13 and older and adult sponsors.  It enables juniors to learn more about the American Boer goat and the goat industry.   The cost is $250.00 per JABGA Member/adult Sponsor and includes lodging, three meals per day/snacks, and local transportation to events.






 The 2014 JABGA Leadership Conference Experience

[a first-hand report by Trevor Clemens, 2014-15 JABGA Reporter]

The 2014 JABGA Leadership Conference was an absolute huge success!  From herd management of the Boer goat to group leadership, we all left in high hopes of promoting the goat and conquering all of the world’s challenges.

Now let’s back up to July 14th, the first day of the Leadership Conference. Arriving from Virginia, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas & Oregon, we were all tired and exhausted, but of course that doesn’t stop a bunch of teenagers from getting to know one another!  Most of our conversations consisted of; what our home life is like, how many goats we have, our greatest goat experiences, and of course, our greatest goat failures.  By the end of our first night, we knew everyone’s middle names, and what hospital they were born in.

When we woke up at 6 AM the next morning, we were all “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” and excited for the day. The first person we met with was Dr. Brian Faris. We talked all morning about the good and bad things in the Boer goat industry, and the strides we can take to better the industry. Then we toured Kansas State University’s new sheep and goat facilities, and talked about the reproduction of a goat, and within 30 minutes we were watching a live embryo transfer. After reproduction, we evaluated a couple market goats on the hoof. Then we went to Kansas State’s Ropes Course, where we worked on team work, leadership, and listening skills. Participating in balance, ropes, and mind breaking courses, left us all feeling very accomplished and united. After a late dinner, it was back to the dorm, where we hung out in the lounge and played card games like Spoons until “The Old Goat” (aka Cindy) said, “Ya’ll need to think about heading to bed.” It was then lights out.

The next morning, we weren’t so “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” and begged for sleep. Our first task of the day was a long and hard parliamentary procedure class given by the best FFA members from across the country. After studying Robert’s Rules of Order for quite some time, it was time to evaluate the carcasses of the market goats from the day before. We then made specific meat cuts and talked about meat selection, and even made some goat sausage. After the sausage was ground up, we made brats, and while they were cooking, we toured Kansas State’s entire meat lab. When the meat was finished, we did a blind taste test, and had to pick our favorite cuts and seasoned meats.


We went back to the sheep and goat facility and did various herd management tasks. From fecal samples, hoof trimming, turn tables, sorting gates, semen collection, and semen evaluation, we all left feeling very educated. After we left, we stopped for the best ice cream in the country and began our picture taking adventure. Running across the University’s campus, finding various places to take pictures was certainly a great time. It was then we went to Dr. Faris’ house, evaluated market wethers, and had the best cooked goat we’d ever had! When our tummies were full, we had to say our goodbyes and headed back to the dorms for our last night together. Laying in the lounge that night was certainly a time we didn’t want to face, for the next day was when our new “family” would go their separate way.








JABGA Leadership Conference


Boer Goat Topics:

  •  Live Animal Evaluation (hands-on)
  • Carcass Evaluation (hands-on)
  • Meat Processing (hands-on)
  • General Management
  • General Nutrition
  • General Reproduction
  • Marketing
  • Fitting/Showmanship
  • Farm Tour

Leadership Topics:

  • Effective Communication Styles
  • Team Building
  •   Etiquette

Conference Features:      

  •  Quiz Bowl
  • Activities (Ropes Course, Recreational Center, Bowling, Swimming, Etc.)