Cole Melgar [Oregon City, Oregon]

Cole is a junior at Oregon City High School where he plays football and baseball. Cole is also Vice President of Eagle Creek 4-H Club and a member of Goaties 4-H Club and Sandy 4-H Club. Cole helps at various goat seminars throughout his area involving genetics, hoof-trimming and typical goat care. Cole and his family havse been in the goat industry for about seven years and have participated in many ABGA and JABGA shows during those years.

Cole says, “I would like to be a JABGA Director because I would like to meet new people in the goat industry and make new friends with similar interests to mine. I feel that this association has the potential to grow and I’d love to help it along the way!”

Halie McCloud [Molalla, Oregon]

Halie is a freshman at Molalla High School. She is involved in 4-H, FFA, ADGA, and OMGP. Halie and her family began raising goats when she was just three years old when her mother brought home two Nubian dairy does. She has enjoyed the meat goat industry and looks forward to being more active within the industry.

Halie says: “I want to be a JABGA Director because I want to learn more about the JABGA. Being a JABGA Director means you get to meet with other breeders from different areas of the United States and work with them to improve the Boer goat breed. It would also present many opportunities to learn more about animal husbandry and marketing.”

Madison Fenton [Touchet, Washington]

Currently serving as the 2015-15 JABGA Vice President, Maddie is the owner and operator of Dust Devil Ranch; a farm consisting of 100 breeding animals that began in 2005. She is a sophomore at Walla Walla High School and is a member of teh Wa-High FFA Chapter, where she started a meat goat marketing plan. She is also a member of the Cascade Boer Goat Association and Snake River Meat Goat Association. Maddie attends many ABGA/JABGA shows and is always striving to meet the needs of her members. The Boer goat industry is all Maddie has ever known and she looks forward to it being an ultimate part of her future.

Maddie said: “Serving on the JABGA Board is a once in a lifetime experience! One thing that I have learned over the years is to stay firm in your decisions, no matter who tries to persuade you.”



Heather Hubler [Chelsea, Oklahoma]

Currently serving as the 2014-2015 JABGA Treasurer, Heather has been raising goats for about four years. She is a sophomore at Chelsea High School and is a member of the Circle G 4-H Club, FFA, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

Heather said: “I want to better the association with fun and exciting new things that will help leave an impact on our youth. I also want to focus on expanding the JABGA. This past year as a director I created lifelong friends and made many goat industry connections that have helped me grow and have a better understanding of the industry. We have accomplished many new things and I would like to keep the accomplishments coming!”

Mikayla Wetherall [Tolono, Illinois]

Mikayla is a freshman at Unity High School. She and her family have been raising goats for the past eight years. she is the treasurer of her FFA chapter, secretary of her 4-H Foundation, a participant on her 4-H livestock judging team and a member of her school’s track and cross country teams.

She stated, “I feel serving on the JABGA board is the next step I need to take when thinking about my Boer goat involvement. I look forward to meeting new people and learning and growing an industry that I and my family have been actively involved in on a local, regional and national level. I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with the current board members and look forward to the possibility of discussing and making future decisions with them.

Trevor Clemens [What Cheer, Iowa]

Currently serving as the 2014-15 JABGA Reporter, Trevor has been involved in the Boer goat industry for about five years, with the help of Honey Hollow Farms where he is fitter and showman. He is a junior at Tri-County CSO and is serving as class Treasurer, FFA President, 4-H Reporter, and Student Council Treasurer. He is also a member of TC Speech and Drama, National Honor Society, What Cheer United Methodist Church, Iowa Meat Goat Association, and is a Scholar for the Iowa Youth Institute. Trevor is also a fitter and showman for other farms across Iowa.

Trevor said, “The JABGA is an association that has shaped my future and has been the foundation of my success. I feel my organizational and communication skills serve as a great asset to the JABGA. I look forward to representing the youth throughout the Midwest, and simply Promoting the Goat!”



Bethany Gochenour [Strasburg, Virginia]

Currently serving as the 2014-2015 JABGA President, Bethany has been involved in the Boer goat industry for nine years. She is a senior at Strasburg High School and is serving as her chapter FFA President and 4-H Club Cloverland Leader. Bethany has reached personal success in Public Speaking, Parliamentary Procedure, Environmental Natural Resources, and Envirothon contests. Her continued success does not stop at her involvement in these youth organizations, but also extends to the classroom. Next year she intends to complete the Agricultural Sciences Program at Lord Fairfax Community College and then transfer to Clemson University to earn a degree in Agricultural Education.

Bethany said, “I feel the experiences and skill set that I have gained through my time on the board, and interaction with other youth organizations have put me in the prime position to continue the success of the JABGA organization.

Catherine Savage [Dickerson, Maryland]

Catherine is a sophomore at Poolesville High School. She is in an independent studies program within the school’s whole school magnet program. She is also an active powderpuff football player. Catherine is big in the dairy industry serving as a Dairy Club officer and a participant on the 4-H Dairy Judging Team along with the Maryland 4-H Dairy Bowl Team. She shows dairy cows and meat goats at the Maryland State Fair and various other regional shows, and is currently in the Level V Diamond Clover Program.

Catherine says, “When it comes to anything involving agriculture, I am extremely dedicated. I love to advocate for the agricultural community and to learn skills involving it. Being a member of the JABGA Board of Directors would be a great way to build my personal character and increase my knowledge.”

Frank Burner [Inwood, West Virginia]

Frank currently represents Area 3 on the JABGA Board of Directors. He has been raising goats for about eight years and has about twenty breeding does and one buck. Frank is a freshman at Musselman High School and is serving as the Treasurer of the Southern Cross 4-H Club. He is also a member of his county’s livestock judging team. Frank is very active in the ABGA/JABGA show ring and has met many new members along the way.

Frank said, “My goals for the coming term if elected are simple – – – I want to represent the JABGA members within my area. I also look forward to working with other directors to more youth about the Boer goat. I have enjoyed participating in director discussions as we try to bring more programs forward for the youth.

Olivia Congrove [Laurelville, Ohio]

Olivia is a freshman at Zane Trace High School. In 2012 she and her family became motivated to start a herd of goats. They began with 25 commercial does, and currently have about 50 head of Boer goats including percentages and fullbloods. Olivia is very active in the FFA and 4-H, where she participates in Livestock Judging contests and many fundraisers. She puts an emphasis on being a leader over a follower. She gives many seminars within her local community on feeding, exercising and showing goats.

Olivia says, “All in all, I think it’d be a great experience and something I’d love to be a part of! I look forward to working with the JABGA and furthering my knowledge in the goat industry. I’d also like to put an emphasis on the marketing side of things when educating younger members about the JABGA.”

Tyler Peterson [Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania]

Tyler is an 8th grade student at Tunkhannock Area School District. After visiting an ABGA show while on vacation five years ago, Tyler and his family were hooked. Tyler lives on Ronsal Family Farms and he is involved in football and baseball, and is also an active member in 4-H.

Tyler stated, “Showing in ABGA/JABGA shows throughout my area has allowed me to meet some great friends and learn more about the Boer goat. I would like to serve on the JABA board because it will give me an opportunity to cocntinue to meet new people, learn new things, and teach me to take on greater responsibilities. Therefore, I plan on committing the rest of my life to the agricultural industry, and I will work very hard to make my area and the association the best it can be for all JABGA members.”



Bailey Willis [Bastrop, Louisiana]

Bailey is a freshman at Beekman Charter School. She is a member of the Beekman 4-H Club, Spanish club, National Honor Society, Morehouse Parish 4-H Junior Leaders, and Northeast Louisiana 4-H Regional Leadership Board, where she serves as secretary. She is also a varsity cheerleader. Bailey has a passion for the Boer goat industry and she wants to share that passion and ignite the youth around her to help grow and promote the JABGA.

Bailey stated, “I would love to be a member of the JABGA Board of Directors so I could promote the goat industry in my area. I would like to promote this association so that our members become more involved and active within the association. I would be readily available to other juniors to answer questions and hear concerns they may have and relay those questions and concerns to fellow board members.”

Isssac Ridings [Cumming, Georgia]

Issac is currently a member of the 2014-15 JABGA Board of Directors. He is a sophomore at North Forsyth High School and has been raising goats for about 12 years. Issac has two brothers (Noah and Samuel) and a sister (Margie Mae). His greatest experiences involve the Boer goat industry, and this has allowed him to meet some of his closest friends.

Issac stated, “I want to be a JABGA board member because I truly want to make a difference. I, along with many others, know that the demand for the goat is out there, we just need to promote it. That’s why it is my number one goal while serving on this board. I also enjoy working with people, meeting new friends, and simply learning new things.”

Morganne Savage [Harrison, Arkansas]

Morganne is a freshman at Valley Springs High School and is involved in Key Club, FCCLA, FBLA, FFA, Arkansas State Fair Purple Circle Club, Teen Leader 4-H, Caprine Kids 4-H, and Brothers and Sisters in Christ. She and her family began raising goats in 2007 and she has been involved with ABGA the majority of that time.

Morganne said, “I want to be a director because I want to make a difference. Raising and showing Boer goats is my passion, and I believe this program is the next step to achieving my dreams. Therefore, I am ready to tackle any tasks that are thrown at me!”

Noah Ridings [Cumming, Georgia]

Currently serving as the 2014-15 JABGA Secretary, Noah has been raising and showing goats since he was five years old. He is a senior at North Forsyth High School, and plans to attend North Georgia College to major in Criminal Justice after high school. He then plans to pursue a career with the FBI or CIA after college.

Noah said, “I will respect the members within my area and allow them to influence some of my decisions regarding the JABGA, simply because without members, the JABGA is nothing. If I receive a position on the board, I will do everything in my power to better the association.”

Shelby Quakenbuish [Commerce, Georgia]

Shelby is a freshman and is home schooled. She has only been raising goats for a few years, and her passion for them began eight years ago. She is the President of the Banks County 4-H Horse Club. She has helped with many county-wide extension sheep and goat workshops and is also involved in 4-H Quiz Bowl, Horse Judging Contests, and District Project Achievement Contests.

Shelby says, “Being a JABGA Director would be a great learning experience and give me the opportunity to plan educational and recreational events pertaining to Boers in my area. I am hard-working, dependable, and enjoy working with others.”



Quincy Edwards [Stephenville, Texas]

Quincy is currently serving on the JABGA Board of Directors, and was born and raised around all aspects of the Boer goat industry. His farm name is JEG1 Boer Goats. Quincy is a junior and is home schooled through Texas Tech. He is an active FFA member and plans to make a life commitment to agriculture.

Quincy said, “The goat industry is what some people’s lives and income depend on. Being a director of the JABGA has been an experience that has improved my personal skills, and defined me as a person. the JABGA members are the future of the ABGA, and I want to continue to be a major part in it’s success.”

Rebecca Simpson [Ballinger, Texas]

Rebecca is a junior at Ballinger High School. She is very involved in 4-H, showing market goats and sheep and is currently the President of her club’s Postcard Committee. Rebecca is also involved in the regional and state levels and was recently nominated for the National Honor Society. She has been a member of JABGA for seven years and has given many showing seminars.

Rebecca says, “It would be a great way to learn new leadership skills which can help with college. Being a JABGA board member would also give me more responsibility and would prepare me for the real world after high school.”

Sophia Stice [Abilene, Texas]

Sophia is currently serving on the JABGA Board of Directors, and has been a member of JABGA for eight years. She is a freshman at Tarleton State University where she is studying psychology. Sophia loves every minute of being a member of JABGA and enjoys representing youth within her area.

Sophia said, “This organization has helped me grow and change into the person I am today, and I would like to return the favor by helping the organization grow and change into something even better than it already is. My plan is to get more youth involved, allow them to have fun, and essentially promote how fun it is to be a member of this organization!”

Tristan Lampkin [Hampsteud, Texas]

Tristan is a sophomore at Waller High School. His family started their Boer goat herd in 2006, and traveled the state of Texas exhibiting them at various shows. Tristan and his family have about 40 head of breeding animals and continuously exhibit them throughout Texas and arkansas. He is currently serving as his chapter of FFA Student Advisor, and is a member of his local Junior Fair Board and varsity tennis team.

Tristan says, “The main reason I want to serve on the junior board is because I love Boer goats, people and this organization! JABGA has opened many doors for me, along with thousands of other youth.”

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