Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose goats?

  • The cost to raise two kid goats is less than the cost to raise one calf, and goats grow much faster than cattle.  They take up less space and are easier to handle than large livestock, and they can even be made into pets, if desired.

Why breed with Boer goats?

  • The Boer goat has the best rate-of-gain and muscle-to-mass ratio of any goat.  A Boer buck will stamp Boer attributes on kids from a crossbreeding with another breed of goat the first year he is used, and goats with the “Boer” look can often command a higher price at market, whether it’s at the livestock sale barn, or at breeding or show stock sales.

 Why register Boer goats?

  • By registering your Boer goats with a registry like ABGA, you gain access to an organization source of information that is useful in planning your breeding program and tracking the performance of your goats.  Having your goats registered also gives you a back-up to your own recordkeeping.

Why join ABGA?

  • ABGA is the most progressive goat registry in the United States today, and the largest Boer goat registry in the world.  Offering not only registry services, but also a sanctioned show program as marketing assistance to members, a DNA Testing program, advertising opportunities, a youth program, and affiliate program for organizations, ABGA provides services that will enhance any breeding program, whether it is a small 4-H or hobby activity, or a large seedstock operation.  In addition, for those breeders selling registered stock, even percentage Boer goats will often bring higher prices when sold if they are accompanied by ABGA registration papers.

Why Show Boer goats?

  • Competitive animals tend to create better animals. The show ring offers an opportunity to compare extremes in our breed: the longest, thickest , most bone etc.  Newcomers get an opportunity to watch the performance of different lines of Boer goats and also interact with established producers.  Producers can use the show ring to evaluate their programs against those of others who are showing, and observe animals with different pedigrees that might also help make improvements to their herds. The ABGA sanctions many shows across the US each year.

For general information about the association, services it offers and projects on the calendar contact the ABGA Office Staff at (325) 486-2242

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