Registration/Transfer Office Requirements

Service Memo’s required when…

  • You do not own the sire
  • You bought a bred doe
  • You own the dam and the sire you DO NOT need to send paperwork to the office
  • –Buck’s owner’s signature is required on Service Memo.–



  • Dam/Sire Information- Sire’s must be DNA tested
  • Date of Birth
  • Number in Birth (single, twin, triplet, etc.)
  • Sex
  • Breeding Method
  • Horn Status
  • Animal ID (tattoos, microchip, or both)


  • Tag #/External ID/ Herd ID
  • Name- NOTE: if name is not on application, then the name will automatically be the left ear tattoo
  • Birth weight


  • Sale Date: the day you purchased the animal
  • Seller MUST sign: if there are multiple owners all parties must sign their ownership over
  • No altercations- if so, mark single line and initial
  • Original Certificate



  • Number in birth does not mean order of birth
  • Letters for tattoo
    • 2019- J
    • 2020- K
    • 2021- L
    • 2022- M


Correction check list:

  • Correction to the dam or sire must have a written statement from the breeder acknowledging the change to the pedigree.
  • All siblings from the same kidding must also be corrected at the same time. If the breeder did not own the buck at the time or conception you must provide a service memo.
  • To correct transfer dates or recipients we must have something in writing from the previous owner or a bill of sale.
  • To correct tattoos please ensure the tattoo combination is not already in use. If the tattoos are already in use in accordance with Rule 215 C, we may require additional number or letters to be added.


  • You must mail in the original certificate or listing paper for the deletion to be completed.
  • You must include a statement as to why the registration is to be deleted.
  • The deletion is subject to rejection based on the reasoning.
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