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Board of Directors

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors L-R: Ken Baty, Deric Wetherell, David Carwell, Lane Reigel, Julie Morrow, John Blackstock, Lois Walker, Kim Morgan, Kathy Daves-Carr, Troy Veal, Linda West
Not pictured above: Kevin Richmond, Kenny Elwood, Susan Burner

Region 1

Maddie Fenton
Washington Email

Region 2

Ken Baty
Colorado Email

Region 3

Lois Walker
Michigan Email

Region 4

Kevin Richmond
Oklahoma Email

Region 5

Kenny Elwood
California Email

Region 6

David Carwell
Arkansas Email

Region 7

Linda West
Texas Email

John Blackstock
Texas Email

Region 8

Deric Wetherell
Illinois Email

Region 9

Kim Morgan

Region 10

Troy Veal
Tennessee Email

Region 11

Julie Morrow
Ohio Email

Region 12

Susan Burner
West Virginia Email

Region 13

Kathy Daves-Carr
Vice President
South Carolina Email

Region 14

Lane Reigle
Pennsylvania Email


Kathryn Carruth, Executive Director: katie@abga.org

Brenda McCary, Office Manager: officemanager@abga.org

Sonia Cervantez, Accounts Receivable: accounting@abga.org

Cindy Dusek, Registration Manager: operations@abga.org

Whitney Wyatt, Public Relations Manager: editor@abga.org

Corinna Villa, Member Services: mail@abga.org

Cayla Bowie, Online Registration Administrator: onlinereg@abga.org

Dalton Vaughn, DNA Administrator: dna@abga.org

Ester Cardenas, Registration Administrator: registrar4@abga.org

AJ Araiza, Registration Administrator: registrar3@abga.org

Diane Marin, Registration and Accounts Receivable Assistant: admin1@abga.org

Marissa Welch, Show Administrator: shows@abga.org

Amy Powell, Executive Assistant: exec.assistant@abga.org

National Show Committee: nationalshow@abga.org