Contact ABGA

ABGA Office Hours:  Monday through Friday,   8:00 am to 5:00 pm (central time).

PHONE:  (325) 486-2242.

For general information about the association, services it offers and projects on the calendar contact: Mary Ellen Villarreal, Executive Director at the ABGA office.


There is a director for each region in the United States. If you would like to talk to the director in your region, follow this link:

ABGA Directors

ABGA Members are located in every state in United States.   If you are not a member of ABGA and are interested in Boer goats and would like to talk to a producer, or if you want to see what members live in your state, follow this link to search the ABGA Member Database:

 ABGA Members

If you are not a member of ABGA and are  interested in a particular ABGA registered Boer goat or want to view their pedigree, follow this link to search the ABGA Herd Books [unless you are a member with access to ABGA Premium Online, you will need the goat’s registration number]:

ABGA Registered Goats

ABGA members have access to ABGA online where they can search for members and goats with additional capability that is not available at the general ABGA Membrs or ABGA Registered Boer Goats screens.   ABGA Members can access ABGA on line member services at:

 ABGA On Line Member Services