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In 1993 the first Boer goats were brought into the United States, and in 1994, the American Boer Goat Association was organized as a breed registry organization to collect and maintain the history and pedigree of Boer Goats in the United States, to provide for their registration, to preserve the purity of the breed, and to encourage the further improvement and wider distribution of the breed through research, promotion, and education.   ABGA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(5) association.

Membership in ABGA is open to anyone 19 years of age or older who has an interest in the purposes of the Association, upon payment of dues as established by the Board from time to time. Those under the age of 19 who are interested in the purposes of the Association may join the JABGA [Junior American Boer Goat Association].

Find out how the American Boer Goat Association came into being by visiting the ABGA History page.

 If you are thinking about purchasing Boer Goats,
check out our ABGA Member Producers

If you are looking for information about an ABGA registered goat and
have the registration number, you can view that information here:
ABGA Registered Goats


Twenty Years of Champions in the ABGA National Show Ring
[presentation provided by Ervin Chavana, Past President of ABGA]

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