Breed Standards Faults & DQ Charts – Fullblood Boer Goats

A disqualifying trait (DQ) means that the goat is not eligible for judging in the show ring and should either be dismissed or removed to the bottom of the line-up. This is supposed to be a black and white, either/or area.  There are no gray areas and no room for individual opinions from the judge.

A fault is an undesirable trait. A fault is not reason to dismiss or remove a goat from the show line up, unless it is extreme. Any extreme occurrence of an undesirable trait (fault) is a disqualification. This is where a judge’s opinion comes into play. There is no black and white when it comes to evaluating faults in the show ring. The more faults an individual goat has, the less worthy it is of being placed high in the show line up. The worse an individual fault is, the more likely it will be considered a disqualification by the judge and reason for removal from the line up. One judge may be more severe on head faults, while another judge may be more severe on body faults. What this means is that when a judge is evaluating animals for placement he/she will take into consideration each goat’s faults. Since there are no perfect goats, the final line up will depend upon which faults the judge believes are of less detriment to the breed and the overall quality of each goat.

To make it easier to evaluate fullblood Boer goats, here are the disqualifications and faults.  Click on chart to enlarge.
Breed Standards Faults & DQ Charts-fb