Board of Directors Update

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the exciting things we have coming in the near future! Last year was a very difficult year for a variety of reasons, and the Board of Directors wants you to know that we hear your concerns, and we are dedicated to making foundational changes to improve how the Board operates, how the Organization serves you, and how you as members benefit.

Transparency is one of those changes. We know there has historically been deep concern for a lack of information being disseminated to you from the Organization, and we agree. This update is a first step to one of many changes we hope to implement moving forward that will create a culture of transparency for years to come.

Membership Services is another area in which we can significantly improve. We recognize the need for, and are dedicated to providing, significant investments in staffing, infrastructure, and technology solutions that will streamline and simplify our processes. Moving forward, our core responsibility of providing and improving our registry services will receive the lion’s share of our effort. This will allow us to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service to you and regain your trust in us as an organization.

Management of the National Show and the training, certification, and selection of judges will move away from the Board and be placed back under the control of the ABGA Business Team in San Angelo. This will free up the Board to concentrate their efforts on clearly defining the vision and policies of the organization.

Major improvements are in the works for the Business Management Team in San Angelo. The Board is committed to finding an exceptional business professional to fill the open Executive Director position. This individual is going to be able to demonstrate a proven track record of successfully managing a professional business environment that excels in customer service and effectively implements efficient technology solutions. This individual will be responsible for building the team that executes on all the initiatives listed in this update including office management, show and judge management, and communications. The Board has performed an exhaustive search and now has a short list of applicants that are being scheduled for interviews. We hope to make a final selection and announcement soon.

Last September, Troy Allen volunteered himself and his business team, at no cost, to assist us in evaluating all our current technology and production processes with a goal of helping ABGA solve some of the customer service issues we were experiencing. This process put him in the unusual situation of having a strong grasp of the day to day requirements of running the office. In January, when the ED position became vacant, Mr. Allen and his team agreed to assist us in managing the daily operations and locating and hiring our new permanent ED. His appointment is very temporary and centers around managing the daily office needs while the Board concentrates on permanently filling the position.

Our DNA program has historically been at best a challenge for the organization and you as members. Along with everything else we do as an organization, as you can see from the list above, this program is also under review. The Board’s goal is to steward the breed and the organization well. We are looking at ways to make our DNA program a solid member benefit. Many options have been discussed, but no final decisions have been made. Very shortly, we will be posting another update similar to this one that we hope is transparent in showing you the implications of the current program on the organization and on you as members. We are also trying to find an efficient and effective way to open this discussion up in a membership forum. Our goal here would be to give you a voice, but to also give your voice value and credibility instead of depending on hearsay distributed across back channels and social media.

We realize this is a lot to ask given some of our history, but we ask that you please be patient with us through these important and foundational changes. These will take tremendous effort and a long time to accomplish. We may stumble here and there, but we as a Board of Directors want you to know that we are committed to accomplishing these goals and providing these solutions to you. We recognize the issues, understand their importance, and will do our very best to resolve them.

Please keep an eye out for the upcoming DNA discussion. We will get it posted as quickly as we can.

Thank you

Troy Veal
ABGA Board of Directors

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