March 2017 ABGA Rule Updates

The updates to the ABGA Rules & Regulations (in italics, below) were approved by the Board of Directors at the March 2017 face to face meeting.

Rule 209: Ineligible for Registration

  • D.  Kids whose sire and/or dam has been excluded as a possible parent through DNA qualification or verification.

Rule 215: ABGA Tattoo Policy

  • K.  Permanently implanted microchip identification will be accepted by ABGA as official identification in addition to, or in lieu of, tattoos. The owner is responsible for providing the appropriate scanning device to read any microchip used for identification purposes.

Rule 801: ABGA DNA Testing

  • C.  Parent qualification and/or parent verification will be performed on all animals submitted for DNA marker testing when required samples are on file with ABGA.
  • D.  Beginning January 1, 2018, DNA testing will be required for does before offspring are eligible for registration when the offspring is a result of embryo flush occurring after January 1, 2018.
  • E.  All littermate siblings or any siblings resulting from the same embryo flush as an animal whose parent has been excluded through DNA marker testing will be subject to DNA parentage verification at the expense of the current owner.

Rule 1400: Sanctioned Show Rules

  • L. Acceptable Practices and Substances
    • ii. Conditionally Permitted Practices and Substances
      • a.Therapeutic medications given for the legitimate treatment of illness or injury are permitted if ALL of the following conditions are met:
        • i. A completed medication report on file with show management before exhibiting the animal, which must include:
          • (a). Diagnosis of illness/injury, reason for administration, and name of administering and/or prescribing veterinarian.
          • (b). Signature of veterinarian or person administering the medication. If prescribed by written instructions, a copy must be attached to the medication report.
          • (c). Identification of the medicine; the name, amount, strength and mode of administration.
          • (d). Date and time of administration.
          • (e). Identification of the animal: ABGA registration number, permanent identification (tattoo), age, sex.
        • ii. The animal must be withdrawn and kept out of competition for not less than 24 hours after the medication is administered.
        • iii. The medication report must be filed with show management within one hour of administration of the medication or one hour after show management is available, if administration occurs at a time other than during competition hours.
        • iv. The medication report must be signed by show management and the time of receipt recorded on the report.

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