Members to Vote on Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The ABGA Board of Directors has discussed many Bylaws changes over the past several years and is now presenting the membership with a proposal for revised Bylaws of the Association. The full text of the proposed Bylaws is printed in the current issue of the ABGA magazine, or is available HERE.

Below you will find a brief outline of the clarifications and revisions that are being proposed. Please reach out to your Regional Director with any questions and don’t forget to promptly return your ballot when you receive it in the mail.


  • Reorganized and renumbered sections for easier reference
  • E-mail added as an approved method of notification
  • Web-based conferencing may be utilized to conduct Board and Executive Committee meetings
  • Broadened the purpose of the Association by removing “exclusively… in the United States”
  • Added reference to the Code of Conduct
  • Updated number of regions and Directors present when the latest Bylaw revisions were approved


  • Membership year runs from January 1 to December 31
  • Dues are payable by January 1
  • New members have full membership privileges beginning on the day dues are paid, and continuing through December 31
  • Eligibility for Junior or Regular membership based on age on January 1
  • Director candidates must be regular members in good standing as of January 1
  • Members must be in good standing as of January 1 to receive a ballot for Director elections

Board / Executive Committee

  • Annual Meeting of Board of Directors to occur during the month of July
  • Election of Officers to be the first order of business at the Annual Meeting of the Board
  • Terms for elected Directors to begin on the date of the Annual Meeting of the Board
  • Director vacancy appointments to serve until the next Annual Meeting of the Board
  • Clarified the process for filling Executive Committee vacancies
  • Clarification of process when a Director’s term is interrupted by military service
  • President votes in the case of a tie vote or in a 2/3 vote of the whole Board when his vote would sway the outcome
  • If the Immediate Past President’s term has expired and he fails to be re-elected, he will serve on the Board and the Executive Committee in an advisory, non-voting capacity for the year immediately following his Presidency


  • Removed specific references to an Executive Director, instead allowing the Board to hire and manage high level employees as appropriate
  • All ABGA employees are considered at will employees unless a written employment contract has been approved by the Board


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