Committee Sign-Up Instructions


All members are encouraged to become active and consider volunteering to serve on committees that they have a specific interest in, and/or have skills that can contribute to the fulfillment of the committee’s goals.

  • Breed Improvement & Research Committee
    Established to develop programs to encourage improvement of the Boer goat breed and to review areas of research that would be of potential benefit to members and the Boer goat industry.
  • Breed Standards Committee
    Established to make recommendations for changes to the ABGA breed standards.
  • Building Committee
    Established to plan for the construction of a new ABGA office building.
  • Family Membership Committee
    Established to explore the possibility of establishing a family membership for immediate family members to help reduce costs and excessive paperwork.
  • Judges Committee
    Established to monitor judges and continue to develop judges education program.
  • Judges Certification Committee
    Established to coordinate certification opportunities for members desiring to be certified as ABGA judges.
  • Member Education Committee
    Established to develop educational resources for members.
  • National Show Committee
    Established to plan current and future national shows.
  • Public Relations Committee
    Established to improve communication to current members, potential members, and the general public through various means, including The Boer Goat magazine, email communication and social media.
  • Sanctioned Show Committee
    Establish to support the sanctioned show program and investigate alternative systems to foster consistent placement in shows with multiple judges, such as the national show.
  • Youth Committee
    Establish to work with the JABGA to increase opportunities for young members.


If you would like to serve on a committee, please comment below and include the following:

  1. Your name, contact phone number, and email address
  2. Best time to reach you
  3. Your membership number
  4. The committee you would like to serve on
  5. Any special knowledge or experience that you have

Please note that all comments submitted will be received by the ABGA office and will not display publicly.


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