President’s Letter – Sept 2014

To our Members:

The September 26 – 27 meeting of the Board of Directors that was held at the Downtown Courtyard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma just concluded.  Minutes of the meeting will be published as soon as they are approved.  There were members present at the meeting and the board appreciates their taking the time to attend.  All members are invited to attend board meetings and see first-hand how the directors operate.   Our recent call-out for volunteers to serve on committees was a great success.  If you volunteered, you should be contacted shortly.

At the July face-to-face meeting, the board voted to take the following actions:

  • Postpone implementation of the rule stating: “That any member that exhibits a goat at 6 or more ABGA sanctioned shows during the calendar year immediately preceding the upcoming national show or at one of the two immediate national shows shall receive a national show judge ballot,” until 2016.
    Under current requirements, show secretaries do not turn in information on all the members who exhibit at the shows, and the database is not set up to track this information.
    ABGA will operate under the previous rule regarding which members receive ballots to vote for judges at the National Show until 2016.
  • Require that show secretaries and judges complete the Judge’s Evaluation form and Show Evaluation form, and return them to the office before show points will be assigned.
  • Amend the 90 day Transfer Rule to say that all goats not bred and owned over the age of ninety (90) days must be in the herd book thirty (30) days prior to being exhibited at a JABGA sanctioned show.

The full minutes of the July Face-to-Face meeting are available on the ABGA Website.

Phase 1 of the new website is complete.  Phase 2 has begun and includes the addition of historical information, completion of the Youth Section, expansion of the Resources and Education pages and adding information about Judges and Affiliate Organizations.  Phase 3 will include the change to the new database and is scheduled to happen by the end of February, 2015.  There will be a full report on new features and services that will be available in the November/December issue of the magazine.

I am pleased to announce that publication of the Boer Goat Magazine has been taken over by our Director of Marketing and Communication, Robyn Scherer.  Those of you with email addresses on file with your membership information are already receiving the newsletter called Boer Goat Monthly that Robyn began distributing in July.  If you have a valid email address and are not receiving the newsletter, please contact the ABGA office and update your information.

Fall is a busy time for all of us. Whether you have does kidding or bucks in with does, or have consignments to production sales, stop what you’re doing for a moment and look around at everything you have and remember how lucky we are to live in a country where we are allowed to do what we do.

Brad Mackey, President
ABGA™ Board of Directors

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