Notice to People Requesting DNA Testing


1.   Order the Test Sample Kit online at the DNA Testing Center under the Online Tab on the ABGA Website. You can also call the office for a request form, or forms can be downloaded from the ABGA website.

2.    You will receive the DNA Sample Kit by email [FROM UC DAVIS] if you provided an email address. If you haven’t received a sample kit via email within two weeks of requesting it, check your junk mail box. If you didn’t provide an email address, you will receive the Sample Kit by regular US mail.

3.    Review the information on both pages and verify that it is correct. Fill in the information that is requested, and sign where indicated. Put the sample in a clean, unused envelope and label the envelope with the goat’s registration number and Sample ID from the form. Attach the envelope to the form that goes to UC Davis VGL.

4.     Send the sample to VGL. Send the confirmation to ABGA.

5.     As soon as test has been done and returned to ABGA, a copy of the results and a sticker containing the registration number and “DNA Tested” to affix to the upper right hand corner of the registration paper will be sent to you.

PLEASE DO NOT CHECK THE PARENT VERIFICATION BOX ON THE DNA REQUEST FORM UNLESS YOU EITHER PROVIDE THE VGL CASE NUMBER (VGL SAMPLE ID) FROM THE PARENTS DNA TESTS, OR YOU REQUEST DNA TESTS AT THE SAME TIME ON THE PARENTS. To have parent verification for the sample you are submitting, you must provide the VGL Case # (VGL Sample ID) for the DNA samples that have already been run on both the sire and dam. If samples have not been collected and sent in on the Sire and Dam already, you need to request a sample kit for each of them and have them tested at the same time.

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