Committee Descriptions & Sign-Up Instructions


  • Family Membership Committee
    Established to explore the possibility of establishing a family membership for immediate family members to help cut costs and excessive paperwork


  • Finance & Investment Committee
    Established to explore responsible investments to grow the finances of the association.


  • Judges Committee
    Established to monitor judges and continue to develop judges education program.


  • Score Card for Judging National Show Committee
    Established to develop a score card to help enhance consistency of requirements for placing in shows


  • National Show Committee
    Established to begin planning for next year’s show.


  • National Show Ring Operations Planning Committee
    Established to find ways to clarify what is needed in the show ring and come up with ways to provide more personnel to help exhibitors, particularly in the junior show


If you would like to serve on a committee, please comment below and include the following:

  1. Your name and contact phone number and email address
  2. Best time to reach you
  3. Your membership number
  4. The committee you would like to serve on
  5. Any special knowledge or experience that you have



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