ABGA Adds Ring Stewards for National Show


The ABGA is looking to add new ring stewards for the National Show. The following includes the rotation schedule, the ring steward duties, and the application.

  • Ring Steward Rotation

ABGA has revised the ring stewardship program for the National Show to allow for broader participation by interested and qualified members. It will be rotational, and each steward will serve for three years, just like the directors’ terms. In October 2014, one ring steward was removed. At the March 2015 board meeting, two new ring stewards will be added, which will make the total number of stewards equal four. Numbers will be assigned beginning with the two senior stewards, the most senior getting #1, and the next senior getting #2.  The two new stewards will be #3 and #4, respectively, using their last names in alphabetical order to determine who is 3, and who is 4. At the December 2015 Board meeting, ring steward #1 will be replaced with a new steward. At the December 2016 Board meeting ring steward #2 will be replaced. Then at the December 2017 Board meeting ring steward #3 and ring steward #4 is replaced, and each subsequent year at the December board meeting, the next ring steward will be replaced, following the same numerical order, 1, 2, 3 and 4, and then beginning again with 1.

  • Ring Steward Duties
  1. 1.  Prior to the show, the ring stewards coordinate with JABGA coordinator for any special needs or issues pertaining to junior show, and coordinate with the National Show Committee Chairman (NSCC) to outline any final minute changes, adjustments, etc. It is the ring steward’s responsibility to notify the other stewards and the NSCC of any information about special circumstances they may be aware of.
  2. 2.  Upon arrival at the national show site, the ring stewards will assist with the unloading of office equipment, setup, putting up flags.
  3. 3.  The ring stewards will review the unloading plan and check-in plan as a group with office staff and the show committee.
  4. 4.  The ring stewards are responsible for assigning all pens prior to exhibitor arrival.
  5. 5.  The ring stewards are responsible for assisting with the unloading for the exhibitors at check-in, and/or supervising others who have been assigned to assist with that task.
  6. 6.  The ring stewards coordinate any needed issues with the NSCC and facility manager such as checking show-ring layout, PA system, verifying times for health inspector arrival, unloading times, and when facility will be open and  available on move in day.
  7. 7.  The ring stewards are responsible for set-up of all ribbons and awards for each day, and/or the supervision of others who have been assigned this task prior to the start of each days show.
  8. 8.  The ring stewards are responsible for verifying that ring sheets and run sheets are ready for each day’s shows, prior to the beginning of the shows.
  9.  9.  When the show begins, the ring stewards are responsible for any class breaks which must be done in coordination with office staff.
  10. 10. The ring stewards responsible for checking goats in at the gate by exhibitor number as each class begins, and/or supervising others who have been assigned this task.
  11. 11. The ring stewards manage show ring as directed by national show judges.
  12. 12. The ring stewards assist judges as needed for holding, catching, walking goats in the show ring and catch pen. This may also include dismissing animals as requested by the judges.
  13. 13. The ring stewards line goats up as they are placed by the judge
  14. 14. Upon completion of judging, the ring stewards verify tattoos of all animals in class that are eligible for points.
  15. 15. The ring stewards record results for placings in each class and turn them in to the recording secretary and announcer.
  16. 16. The ring stewards distribute awards in each class and/or supervise others who have been assigned this task.
  17. 17. The ring stewards monitor the progression of the show and make recommendations to the NSCC if schedule changes and adjustments are needed.
  18. 18. The ring stewards are responsible for being completely familiar with the National Show rules and monitoring for compliance throughout the show.
  19. 19. Ring Stewards are responsible for reminding exhibitors and spectators of the show rules in cases where minor violations occur. For repeated problems, or serious violations the ring stewards are responsible for notifying the NSCC.
  20. 20. Upon completion of each day’s judging, the ring stewards are responsible for returning all unused awards, materials, coolers, and other items to the office.


ABGA National Show Ring Steward Application

Ring Stewards will be selected for a three year term. Show expenses and a stipend are paid for each ring steward.
Application will be due postmarked by or completed online by February 20, 2015.
Please fill out the questions on a separate piece of paper and mail them to the ABGA office:
1207 S. Bryant Blvd, Suite C, San Angelo, Tex, 76903.


  1. 1. Why do you want to be an ABGA National Show Ring Steward?
  2. 2. Please detail your previous experience as a ring steward.
  3. 3. Why do you think you should be selected as an ABGA National Show Ring Steward?
  4. 4. Can you commit to attending the next three ABGA National Shows, no matter the location? (Yes/No)

You can also apply at:    Ring Steward Application

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