President’s Letter – October 14, 2013

To Our Members who have expressed concern about not being informed about the recent action by the
Board of Directors of our Association:

Thank you for taking the time to communicate your concerns to the ABGA Board of Directors. We
appreciate member involvement and invite all members to become more active in the association and
learn how we operate. The more members who are willing to actively support our association and
provide input to their directors, the stronger this association will be.

While I appreciate your disappointment about not being informed beforehand regarding the recent
decision made by the directors to allow reciprocal registrations, that topic was discussed by the board,
voted on by the board, has already passed with votes of agreement from 11 directors from all parts of
the United States, and it is now in operation.

The Board of Directors of the American Boer Goat Association has always operated, and will continue to
operate under the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the ABGA. While I cannot speak for past
boards, the majority of the directors on this board are dedicated to serving the best interests of the
American Boer Goat Association and all of our members. We have already taken steps to make major
changes in the way communication is handled and decisions are made.

We will make sure that the Agenda for face-to-face meetings is posted on the ABGA website 2 weeks
prior to the meeting date. That will give members adequate time to speak with their director about the
various agenda items. In the future, we will also do our best to insure that topics of interest are made
available to members for their input. In order for us to do this, the members of this association will
need to inform their director about those topics they want to review. And while we will collect that
input and make use of it where appropriate, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to run this
association and that will not change.

Brad Mackey, President
ABGA Board of Directors

©copyright 2013 American Boer Goat Association™

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