President’s Letter – November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

To our Members:

On October 8, I sent a letter via the ABGA Facebook page and our website to inform you of what the board is working on for the association. Here is a progress report.

1. We have closed on the purchase of land for our new office. We bought it below appraised value and this will have a positive effect on the overall cost of the new building. The property is four blocks from the university on Jackson Street in San Angelo.

2. We are working on the plan and review process with the City of San Angelo and expect construction to begin on the new building in the near future.

3. The IT Committee is meeting regularly to insure that the new database has all of the features and safeguards we require. As soon as we know how this effort will proceed and what the timeframe will be, we will let you know.

4. At the same time, the IT Committee is working to insure that our new website is user friendly and easier for our staff to update. We have the list of suggestions that some of you provided and we plan to incorporate as many as possible into the design of the new site. As we learn more about the timeframe for completion, we will inform you.

5. The current website has been updated, reorganized and navigation tabs have been added to most of the pages. Until the new website is fully functional, the current site will be kept up to date. The following items have been upgraded and/or added: a. Announcements Box on the Home Page b. Current news is updated c. ABGA News and Press Releases page is updated. List of Judges with email addresses has been put on the Sanctioned Show Program Page

6. One of our members has volunteered to work on communication for us. This will include upgrading The Boer Goat magazine with new features, and making it the official communication method between the Board and our Members. You will see some changes in the November/December issue of the magazine, and more in future editions. The ABGA website and the face book page will also be used for official communication, but this will give people without internet access the ability to see what is going on. We realize that since the magazine is only published every two months, we may at times be sending emails and/or notifying those members without internet access via US mail.

7. We have put someone in charge of insuring that face-to-face meeting agendas are published 2 weeks in advance of scheduled face-to-face meetings.

8. The minutes of meetings will continue to be published after they are approved. A notice will appear in the Announcements box on the website when new minutes are on the website.

9. Our next face-to-face meeting will be held December 13-14, in Nashville, Tennessee. It will be run in a civil manner so that we can accomplish as much business as possible. All members are invited to attend. Some members have requested that we broadcast public portions of these meetings live. While this cannot be done in the immediate future, we will investigate the cost and feasibility of doing this.

10. The judges committee is meeting and when they have something concrete to report, the board will inform members.

The Board of Directors asks that if you have issues with what we are doing, please bring them to our attention. While we cannot change the past, we can and will do everything in our power to keep members informed and gather feedback from members on important issues. We cannot make all members happy, but we can promise to focus on what is good for the association and the Boer goat industry.

Brad Mackey, President ABGA Board of Directors

©copyright 2013 American Boer Goat Association

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