Plans For new Building and Other Exciting Things

Letter from the ABGA President to ALL ABGA Members
Regarding Plans For new Building and Other Exciting Things

October 8, 2013

To our Members:

This Board is dedicated to serving the best interests of the American Boer Goat Association, the Boer goat industry and you, our members. We are trying to change a tradition of poor communication and ask your patience as we make changes. While we want to include member input, please remember that contacting your director is your first step toward having your voice heard, and that there will be times we make decisions in the best interest of our association without consulting you. Please know, however, that our intent is to keep you informed and seek your input where appropriate.

We have already taken steps to address your concerns about slow turnaround time on paper work in the ABGA office. Paperwork is being handled efficiently now, in spite of an antiquated database system that throws up road blocks at every turn. Our staff is being reorganized and we hired additional personnel in order to insure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. We are also making changes to assist them to do their jobs without undue stress and effort.

For the first time in many years, your Board constructed a survey that allowed for member input. We utilized much of your input when we formulated the changes to the Rule 1400.

We have received several emails regarding the website, and our IT committee will be reviewing them as we continue to address deficiencies in our website, office procedures, communication, and registration system.

We would like to let you know about steps we have already taken in our move to improve the American Boer Goat Association.

1. We are in the process of purchasing land on which to build a new ABGA office.

2. We have contracted with the necessary personnel to design and construct a new building.

3. We formed an IT Committee that has researched other associations and how they handle their registration systems. As a result of their report after consulting with several livestock associations, we are moving the ABGA database from Australia to the United States and we will have full control of it so that road blocks will no longer occur.

4. We are in the process of planning for a newly designed website that will be fully integrated with our new database and while it may not be ready next month, it is already in the early stages of design.

5. In the interim, we have designated someone to work with the current website and EDJE, the company that hosts it, to do a few updates and reorganizations to make it more useful, easier to navigate, and allow for better sharing of information with our Members. This will happen in the next two weeks.

6. We are taking steps to insure that members without internet access receive important information about our actions. While it is not feasible for this to be done every time we take action on an item, we expect to be able to include a news sheet each year with the annual membership renewal packet.

7. Beginning immediately, the Agenda for Board meetings will be published on the ABGA website 2 weeks prior to scheduled meetings.

8. The minutes of meetings will continue to be published after they are approved. Please remember that minutes are not approved until the next meeting.

9. I am taking steps to insure that board meetings are run in a civil manner. While heated discussion can occur, and are expected due to the diversity of the directors, uncontrolled outbursts from directors that disrupt the meeting will no longer be tolerated. While members are welcome to attend our board meetings, please remember that members are in attendance at the invitation of the board and should their behavior in any way interfere with the meeting, they will be escorted from the room.

10. We have added new people to the judges committee and their agenda is to bring consistency to the judging school and the criteria used by judges in the show ring. This committee will investigate the suggestions made by several members and once we have a better idea of what can and can’t be done, we will communicate that to members.

When there are concrete updates to our actions, I will be sure to inform you, our members. Please allow us to do the work we have set out to do, and give us the benefit of the doubt, until we can prove to you that we intend to fulfill our obligations as your directors.

Brad Mackey,

President ABGA Board of Directors

© Copyright 2013 American Boer Goat Association

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