ABGA Board of Directors Meeting

September 8-9, 2000     San Angelo, Texas

President David Carter called the meeting to order and called role.  Those Board Members present included: George Bradshaw, Sharon Holman, Daryle Coates, Matt Brown, John Edwards, Pete Warlick, Tim Whatley and Jerry Simpton.  Guests included Paula Harmon (ABGA Office Manager), and Bruce Lott (ABGA Executive Secretary).


After reviewing the minutes, Coates moved to approve the minutes of the May 25, June 1, and June 10, 2000, meetings as presented; Brown seconded; passed unanimously.  Lott was authorized to present a condensed version of the membership meeting minutes in The Boer Goat magazine.


Coates reported on the current Junior budget position.  Lott noted that the previous year’s minutes indicated that ABGA would give the juniors their membership dues and $5000, to be reviewed annually. 

Simpton requested the juniors to formulate an annual budget to show expenses and income projections starting with the 2001 fiscal year.  Coates mentioned he would like to see the juniors choose a site and have their own National Show, meeting, and wether show. 

Edwards moved to give JABGA their 2000 membership dues and National Show entries; Coates seconded; passed unanimously.


Harmon reported the current membership and registration numbers. 

She informed the board of a new section in the magazine that will list all new members (by region) that have joined since the previous issue. 

Harmon reviewed the current procedure for transferring papers from International and/or The IBGA (requiring all info on ABGA application form and at full registration fees).  It was also noted that ABGA will take applications for animals from Canadian association.  At one time, the Canadian association required those animals to be registered in their association prior to transferring to ABGA.  It was determined that that was the Canadian requirement, not ABGA’s.  Therefore, Canadian animals can be processed with an ABGA application submitted. 

The ABGA employee insurance (Humana) was reviewed, noting that there was an across-the-board increase.  After discussion, Simpton moved to accept the Corporate Benefit Services of America plan, adding the Life benefit and making the Dental benefit optional on an individual basis; Whatley seconded; passed unanimously. 

The need for a new postage machine was discussed.  The volume of work dictates larger capacity and faster equipment.  The Pitney Bowes automatic machine was presented.  It was determined that a slight increase in monthly lease to get the new machine would be more than made up in saved staff time.  Simpton moved to lease the Pitney Bowes machine as recommended by staff; Holman seconded; passed unanimously.


Lott reviewed the 2000 National Show survey. 

A request for an “ABGA Chat Group”, recognized by the association, was reviewed.  The purpose was to allow people to ask questions or get ABGA information.  The request was denied based on the fact that the same information is already available at the ABGA website and email.

Lott requested to include a new section on the membership renewal notices where an email and website address could be reported by those members that would like to have it listed on the website.  This could be linked from the breeder search on the website, giving instant access to the members ranch website and email.  Lott reported that the ABGA website was faster and more user-friendly.  It is undergoing changes to allow the office to update it easily and quickly.  The on-line registration and payment portion has been tested and is ready to be included.  Lott requested and was directed to develop a “Minutes and Meetings” (for approved minutes and meeting agendas) and “Bulletin Board” (for news releases and general industry info) section.  Discussion of accepting advertisers on the webpage was postponed until a completed version of the site was available.

Lott reported on the following upcoming shows and field days he was involved in:

  • 9/23 – Calhoun, La. – LSU AgCenter.  ABGA is sending literature.
  • 9/29 – Western National Show and Sale, Pomona CA.
  • 10/8 – Georgia National Show, Perry, GA.
  • 10/28 – Marshall, AR. – David and Nancy Marazzo ranch.  Lott is speaking at the event.  Magazine editor, Billye Viner, will attend as well.
  • 11/16 – NAILE, Louisville, KY.
  • 11/25 – 12/8 – Chile Group visit.  Lott is coordinating visit with Lou Rocha (American Genetics International), Dr. Frank Craddock, Ranchers Lamb, and Dr. Brian May.  There will also be a ranch tour coordinated by Dr. Craddock.

It was reported that resignation letters were received from two board members for personal reasons.  Tim Eubanks and Art Killian sent these letters.  Coates moved to accept Eubanks resignation as submitted; Holman seconded; passed unanimously.  Holman moved to accept Killian resignation as submitted; Edwards seconded; passed unanimously.  Carter discussed his options for appointing those positions.  Others names were also suggested.  Carter decided to review the possible candidates himself prior to making a decision.

Lott reported on a new section he and Billye Viner were planning for The Boer Goat that would be a “Sale Report”, giving averages, high selling lots, etc. from various sales.  A standardized form would be followed for each event.  Lott reported that Viner felt she could sell more ads and have a larger, more educational publication if it came out every-other month instead of quarterly.  It was noted that the ad rate would need to increase as well.  Lott reported that he was helping secure technical and educational editorials for the magazine.  Viner is handling all advertising billing herself.  Lott also suggested some “Focus On…” issues, highlighting a different region of the country each time.  Simpton requested ABGA to get a reciprocal agreement with other publications, such as Goat Farmer, as a means of getting more articles.  Edwards moved to publish The Boer Goat magazine every other month (6 issues per year), starting as soon as reasonably possible; Bradshaw seconded; passed unanimously. 

Lott reported on the following ABGA sanctioned show information:

San Antonio – open and junior shows
National Western (Denver)
Florida request (February 3-4)
Louisiana State Fair – discussions continue for next year (2001)

Lott noted that the International BGA is not accepting The IBGA papers at shows.  Jim McMorriss had sent a letter to Lott requesting ABGA to do the same.  Lott responded that the ABGA sanctioned show rules state that we will accept those papers.  Co-sanctioning with the other associations was discussed, and the board felt that as long as the ABGA rules and ABGA judge was used, we could co-sanction with any of the other associations.  The ABGA computer show program was discussed.  Lott reported that the programmer (Greg Link) felt the National Show program would require small changes to be adapted for use throughout the year.  It was noted that Sue Kearney provided the program used previously at these events.  With it being noted that ABGA is only responsible for handling the entire entry books at one or two shows during the year, it was the determination of the board that ABGA not spend the money to write a program for such a small number of events.  Lott reported ABGA could develop a standardized show list (spreadsheet) on paper that can be mailed to these events.

Lott reported that he was working with Link to update the computer to tighten the system of checks and balances on registrations.  He suggested that a committee be charged with reviewing the published Rule of Registration.  Carter assigned the duty of reviewing the Rules of Registration to the bylaws committee. 

The First International Boer Goat Symposium in Brazil was discussed.  Lott reported that the other BGA’s were not attending.  Coordinator Lou Rocha (American Genetics International) has said he was at ABGA’s disposal during the trip.  Lott reviewed the topics to be discussed at the Symposium and was requested to publish an article on the trip in The Boer Goat upon his return.

Lott reviewed the events/places he had visited since the last meeting.  Those included: several sales (Kerrville; The Cartel; Chamberlain; all Labor Day events; some seedstock visits and several commercial operation visits).


Carter reported he had visited with Mike Masters concerning the status of the South African Association requesting payment for the use of their judges.  Masters informed Carter that the South Africans are having a meeting in October to discuss this issue, and Boetie Malan should be in touch with Masters after that meeting to report the results.  With this noted, the selection of the South African judges was postponed until Malan reported the results and presented a list of possible judges.  The American judge was then discussed.  M.D. Shurley and David Wolfe were nominated as the American judge.  A ballot vote was taken.  The results were 6-2 in favor of M.D. Shurley.  Lott was directed to contact M.D. Shurley to inform him of the decision.


Carter reported on the results of the questionnaire concerning committee appointment requests.  After reviewing Carter’s committee appointments, Edwards moved to accept them as presented; Simpton seconded; passed unanimously.


Lott reviewed the budget statements (Jan – July), noting they were corrected and updated to show the annual budget figures.  It was also noted that the budget was not amended to reflect some Board-approved expenditures throughout the year (office copy machine, salary changes due to staff hiring, additional awards at Nationals).  Holman pointed out that the income from membership renewals (pre-paid 2001 dues) will come in during November and December.  Coates pointed out that it appears that income, though we are still meeting projected figures, may have reached a plateau.  The judges travel for the National show was discussed, as well as the training schools.  It was noted that the expenses for the judges travel to put on the judges training schools was included in the line item for the judges travel from the National Show.  It was requested to move those expenses to the proper line item.  Simpton moved to accept the budget with the pending changes to the judges travel item; Bradshaw seconded; passed unanimously.


Edwards moved to send the following items, submitted by the member listed, to the committees designated; Brown seconded; passed unanimously.

Carol Rochester – Class breaks and qualifying at Nationals – 2001 National Show Rules Committee;

Texas Agriculture Network advertising proposal – Promotion/Advertising Committee;

The Goat Rancher advertising proposal – Promotion/Advertising Committee;

Jerri McDonald – Proposed change to Bylaw Article XIII – Bylaws Committee;

Nina Westfall – Tattoo problems and papers without the info on them – Bylaws Committee;

Ann Giardini – Additions to: Article IV, Section 3; Article V, Section 2; Article IV, Section 4; Article IV, Section 9; Article IV, Section 5; Executive Committee elections – Bylaws Committee;

Ann Giardini – Concern over judges following breed standards – Judges Committee;

Freddie Johnston – Fee schedule change request – Budget Committee;

Melissa Jacobs – Letter of complaint on Jorge Gomez – Ethics Committee.


After an executive session, Coates moved to take John Edwards previously submitted application to be an ABGA judge from the table; Bradshaw seconded; passed unanimously.  Coates reported and moved that the Judges Committee recommends accepting John Edwards application to be an ABGA judge; Bradshaw seconded; motion passed (5 Yes; 2 No; 1 Abstain).  Brown moved to refer Jackie Edwards’s application letter to be an ABGA judge to the Judges Committee for their review and recommendation; Coates seconded; passed unanimously.


Lott reported on the display agreement at the National Western Stock Show (Denver) International room.  Coates moved to pay the one-year fee and send information only; Edwards seconded; passed unanimously.  Lott reviewed the same information from the North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) in Louisville, KY, but noted that he had not received fee structure from them at this time.  Brown moved to participate in NAILE International room if the cost is comparable to National Western; Holman seconded; passed unanimously.  Lott reviewed the information and fees from the National Pedigreed Livestock Council (NPLC).  They represent the larger cattle, dairy goat, sheep, llama, etc., associations.  They act as a unified voice for these groups.  The annual fee to be a part of NPLC is $225.  Holman moved to join NPLC; motion failed due to lack of a second.  Lott reviewed the International Association of Fairs and Expos (IAF&E) convention.  This event was discussed at the April 2000 meeting.  The Board felt this was not the place for ABGA to display.  “The Gathering of Goat Producers” meeting in Kerrville, TX, was discussed as a possible site for the 2001 ABGA membership meeting.  The Board felt that the slate of speakers and the topics to be discussed would be of interest and benefit to all ABGA members that could attend.  It was also noted that the last meeting of this sort in Kerrville had approximately 500 attendees, with many of those being ABGA members.  Lott was given directive to contact the coordinators to discuss the possibilities with them and report at the next meeting.


Holman moved to adjourn; Brown seconded; passed unanimously.

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