Ambassador to the Breed

The Ambassador to the Breed award was initiated by the ABGA Board of Directors in 2012 to honor people who the association feels have made an impact on the goat industry.  In addition to receiving an ABGA Bronze, the recipients’ names are placed on a plaque that resides in the ABGA office.

The American Boer Goat Association honored four people with Ambassador to the Breed awards at the Annual Members Banquet that took place during the 2015 ABGA National Show.

The recipients for the 2015 awards are:

  • John Edwards
  • Jackie Edwards
  • Preston Faris
  • Don Smith

The recipients of the 2014 awards are:

  • Jimmy Day
  • Stan Keen
  • F. Dian Newman
  • Buck Pruitt
  • Kim Halfmann
  • Norman Kohls
  • Dr. Lou Nuti
  • Ernest Schwartz
  • Sammy Helmers
  • Mike Masters (deceased)
  • Mary Powis
  • Charles Turner
  • Don Jackman
  • Jane Meacham
  • Walter Pope III (deceased)
  • W.E. Whitehead

Dr. Lou Nuti and Buck Pruitt sharing some of their experiences

The first awards were given in 2013 and went to the following people:

  • Dr. Frank Pinkerton
  • Marvin Shurley
  • Kearney Family
  • Dr. Frank Craddock