Sire of Merit

Rule 1300:    ABGA Sire of Merit Award

  • A. Animal Eligibility
    • i. The ABGA Sire of Merit Award is open to the following categories of animals:
      • a. Fullblood bucks registered with ABGA.
      • b. American Purebred (31/32 or higher) bucks registered with ABGA.
    • ii. Any animal owned by an individual whose membership has been denied or revoked is ineligible for the ABGA Sire of Merit Award.
  • B. Eligible Progeny
    • i. Percentage female progeny registered in the ABGA Percentage Herd Book as 50% through 88%, which meet the requirements for points earned in ABGA sanctioned shows as described under Points Requirements shown below.
    • ii. Percentage bucks may earn points for their sire through an ABGA approved Performance Gain Test, if the following requirements are met:
      • a. Progeny must have an ABGA Record of Pedigree.
      • b. The Performance Test must be conducted in accordance with ABGA Performance Test Rules and Regulations (Rule 1200).
      • c. The performance test average (ADG) for bucks entered is required to be greater than or equal to 3/10 (.3) pounds per day in order for points to be awarded.
      • d. Points will be awarded to a Percentage Boer buck according to the following point chart:
      ABGA Performance Test Points
      # ABGA Percentage Bucks on Test ADG Rank Among ABGA Percentage Bucks on Test
      1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
      1 to 3 1
      4 to 5 2 1
      6 to 7 3 2 1
      8 to 9 4 3 2 1
      10 5 4 3 2 1
      11 to 25 10 5 4 3 2 1
      26 to 50 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
      51 to 100 20 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
      101 to 175 25 20 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
      176 or more 30 25 20 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
    • iii. Progeny is defined as direct offspring of the buck produced through natural service, artificial insemination or embryo transfer procedure.
  • C. Point Requirements
    • i. A Fullblood Buck or an American Purebred Buck can not contribute individual points toward this award.
    • ii. The eligible percentage progeny of a sire will be required to earn a total of one hundred (100) points for the sire to earn this award
    • iii. A minimum of five (5) female progeny must earn a minimum of five (5) points each of the one hundred (100) total points required.
    • iv. Points at an ABGA sanctioned show will be awarded based on the placing of animals exhibited in each class by an ABGA judge
    • v. Points will be awarded according to the ABGA Sanctioned Show Points Chart under Rule 1400.
    • vi. An exhibitor must present a valid ABGA registration certificate at time of show for tracking of points.
    • vii. Points will be awarded to the eligible female progeny under the Points Award Rule for ABGA sanctioned shows with the following exception:
    • viii.Female progeny will not receive extra points from the ABGA National Show. Placing points from the ABGA National Show will be awarded.
    • ix. A formal show report containing the animals’ names, ABGA registration numbers, tattoos, the total number of animals exhibited in the show and in each class shall be completed by the show secretary and submitted to the ABGA office within 30 days of the show
    • x. Points earned by eligible progeny after January 1, 2008, will be counted toward the Sire of Merit Award.
  • D. Inspection
    • No inspection of progeny will be required


  • Items appear in order by most recent Sire of Merit entered.
  • Items in any column can be sorted by using the arrows to the right of the column.
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Sire of MeritHonor DateOwner
(on date of merit)
J6 AABG NBD REYZER11/4/14Mckensey Maddox
SGR COOL CAT10/12/14Jenna Kay Jordan
PDF HIGH ROLLER9/4/14Michael Correia
SGR POLARIZED9/4/14Chestnut Springs Farm
BLUE TOP FARM BOOTY KICKER3/11/14Gerald R Peterson
RBGO SMOKIN CANNON11/01/13Alan and Pamela MottaAlan and Pamela Motta
SP2 STONEY POINT FARM ROMEO06/01/13Jenna Kay JordanMegan J. Morrow
FERN HOLLOW FARM Y9019 RED CLAY06/01/13Pine Bank FarmFern Hollow Farm
EGGS EGGSTRA FLASHY TICKET06/01/13Kylie DetwilerJohn and Jackie Edwards
HASTA FARM CASH06/01/13Fire Bush Farm Boer GoatsHasta Farm
PBL HAMMER05/01/13Paul B. PaynePaul B. Payne
DFK HEZ BLAZIN ROYAL05/01/13Kenneth DeanKenneth Dean
2DOX CUGER05/01/13Carlie Callahan, Border Boers, Pair-A-Docs Boer GoatsPair-A-Docs Boer Boer Goats
DL SNEAK PREVIEW04/01/13Timothy, Arlan & Becky HumbleDavidson Livestock
BSA CHECK MY SWAG03/01/13A Bar Boer GoatsA Bar Boer Goats
C S B BROKEN S SMOKIN HOT RUGER02/01/13Cecil and Sharon SwepstonErvin J. Chavana
S G R POLAR'S EXPRESS FRONTLINE EXPRESS02/01/13Gayle GarrettJeff and Sheryl Pearcy
BIG2 SMOKIN GUN11/01/12Buckeye Illini GeneticsBuckeye Illini Genetics
TSB1 TRI-STATE TRUMPS TREASURE11/01/12Allison Fister & Leon & Alice WernerD. Frueh, L. Werner, A. Tingle
S2 WAR CHANT08/01/12Sisters II & Windrush FarmsSisters II
BK1 MAVERICKS RARE ACE06/01/12Brad-Key FarmBrad-Key Farm
S2 OFFICE ROCKET06/01/12Windrush FarmsSisters II
WARD'S CAT IN THE HAT X11106/01/12Sunshine Goat RanchWard's Boer Goats
4-M MUGSY'S 908205/01/12Jennifer KeysDarrell & Jennifer Mueggenborg
SHIP RIPPED APART05/01/12Maurice & Kim ErwinBryce W. Shipley
AABGA NBD SQUARE ONE04/01/12Paul and Kim MorganNathan Duncan
DL SHANGHI RED04/01/12Timothy, Arlan & Becky Humble
2DOX MAIN ATTRACTION01/01/12Lecil ChurchPair-A-Docs Boer Goats
PRSR INSIGHT12/02/11Toni HawkinsRoger Sparks
NK SNEAK ATTACK T37612/02/11Kent, Amy, Amanda & Sam DavidsonNorman & Kathy Kohls
S2 SPIN DOCTOR11/02/11Kay & Don KotwicaSisters II
TAM BO JANGLE MAGIC11/02/11Kelyn KingDarwin & Sheila McLeod
JRA1 AGNEW'S CLOSING ARGUMENT11/02/11Sandy GrambortAgnew Boers
EGGSPOSURE ASSETS10/03/11Melissa & Neil LoveJohn or Jackie Edwards
TLB 9007 JAMES BOND10/03/11Gayle GarrettTerry & Mellissa Blair
AABG NBD BRIGHT FUTURE09/01/11Burt, Nanetter, & Jonathan WalkerNathan Duncan
K&K'S TUFF ENOUGH08/04/11Keith & Rhonda BerryKeith & Rhonda Berry
JRA1 AGNEW\LAZY S-T RED ALERT07/01/11Regina & Jerry BynumAgnew Boers
TANGLETREES RELOAD07/01/11Cooper BoundsRick & Gayla Childress
DL THE DUKE07/01/11Tammy & Ken Goodyear & Chestnut Springs FarmsDavidson Family
HSB MATRIX07/01/11Irving& Mary Hefner & FamilyCade Weston
AABG STATUS QUO05/01/11Nathan DuncanAble Acres
RRD X7605/01/11Jaylee JordanRocking R Boer Goat
10B2B V2902/01/11Bob & Diana MartinLibby & Harry Linam
10B2B BACKDRAFT09/01/10Luke & Steph Vickrey\Kendra Lutz; Larry, Sherri, Stephens Family; Morgan PriceLibby & Harry Linam
TLB AABG TOTALLY RIPPED09/01/10Steve & Anita DahnkeTerry & Mellissa Blair
T4 REDNECK09/01/10Dr. Pat & Holly McShaneW.E. Whitehead
DER BO DIDLEY08/01/10Jay Hofer, Chris and Linda FlemingRonald & Pinda Peacock
HILL PLACE 1487 ARIES08/01/10Kay & Don KotwicaDonald F & Debra K Borden
AABG\LOID VINDICATOR08/01/10Able Acres, Wayne & Mary CriderAble Acres
WINDY HILL DOUBLE TUFF08/01/10MIke & Maureen ReisRonnie & Pam Womack
LEWIS CREEK ARAGORN08/01/10Sarah V. BaldwinGreg, Jordan, & Kara Patterson
OUTBACK BOERS RED WARRIOR06/01/10Elise ConleeOutback Boers
TC1 RAWHIDE06/01/10Aryn MayTanner Cude
FERN HOLLOW FARM INDIAN OUTLAW06/01/10Levi MesserDr. Pat & Holly McShane
ASH CREEK TEXAS STAR06/01/10Ryan DiefenbachAsh Creek Boer Goats
OUTBACK BOERS RED WARRIOR06/01/10Elise ConleeOutback Boers
PDF T51304/01/10Lucinda BirkenfeldPat and Dawn Foster
AJBG RUEHL BREAKER01/01/10Agnew BoersAgnew Boers
LCBG BRADKEY LOTTA DAMAGE01/01/10Cindy BlackGreg, Jordan, & Kara Patterson
LCBG BRADKEY LOTTA DAMAGE CONTROL01/01/10Cindy BlackGreg, Jordan, & Kara Patterson
CBC FREIGHTRAIN01/01/10Tracie Blagrave, Shelton & Joetta Boyd, Doug & Wetonia NeffAMANI BOER GOAT STUD
LCBG GANDOLF01/01/10Larry, Sherri, Stephens FamilyGreg, Jordan, & Kara Patterson
WTSJ EGGSALIVE IN 200501/01/10Robin L. WaltersJeanne & Rolla Silkwood
CLD1 TANGLETREES SERIOUS DAMAGE01/01/10John NamchickChristopher Childress
FSE "STORM"01/01/10Alma A & Robert StaplesJim & Lynn Farmer
M4R BLASTING CAP V2001/01/10Paul & Kim MorganRandall S. Murray DVM
D C W BUCKSHOT01/01/10Damon , Nancy & Tommy HahnDoug Widener
MTP CAYENNE01/01/10Rick & Gayla ChildressMike Parker
JRA1 AGNEW'S CASH THIS09/30/09Toni HawkinsAgnew Boers
10B2B XTRA'S BEASTMASTER05/29/09Rebecca CogswellLibby and Harry Linam
FSE 5197 MARVEL05/29/09Jim and Lynn FarmerJim and Lynn Farmer
BOSQUE VALLEY STINGER05/29/09Jeremy ChurchBosque Valley Farm
RM 9019/1/2015Susan Hahn or Rick CzelustaRoger McSwain
C S B MAXIMUM IMPACT10/9/2015Bobby, Jodie, Skyler & Maggie BriteErvin J Chavana
KATIE KT GUNNER10/9/2015Katie MayneKate Berry
CBA WARSAW9/1/2015Alma A & Robert StaplesAlma A & Robert Staples
AABG NBD DEAD ON6/3/2015Nathan DuncanNathan Duncan
DC1 ELECTRICAL OVERLOAD6/3/2015Sharon & Phil FullertonDavid P Carter & Family
CRCR COPPERTOP7/13/2015Matthew WestfallKristen Collins
AABG SMOKIN GUNZ7/13/2015Maurice & Kim ErwinAble Acres
SLKY SMOKIN HOT COMMOTION10/9/2015Joe & Barbie TeelBob Seelke
CJH4 SMOKIN HOT BIG SHOT10/9/2015Thomas & Jacqueline ReddenCameron Horning
RMA2 YA KNOW YA WANT ME11/2/2015Irving & Mary Hefner & FamilyRick and Misty Allen
AABG NBD HYTECH12/5/2014Chris RadloffNathan Duncan
4-M MUGSY'S 9091- SLKY SON OF A GUN11/4/2014Bob SeelkeDarrell & Jennifer Mueggenborg
C S B PRIMO PROFIT MAKER4/6/2016Circle R Boer GoatsDr Mark & Sherrie Watkins
GBM BOLSTER'S FLASH POINT5/9/16Toni GadsbyGary & Marcy Bolster
LOVE'NM SHARK ATTACK6/2/16Kathie & Katie DiemerMelissa & Neil Love
3LF SYNERGY6/2/16Kent,Amy,Amanda&Sam DavidsonPatrick & Shelley Lowry
RDBG HONEY BADGER6/2/16Mike & Maureen ReisRon Dilley
2M BOER GOATS PACKIN HEAT6/2/16Marjorie Skaggs/Scotty & Jenn MerrillPaul & Kim Morgan
KSO KO MY STATUS IS SMOKIN6/2/16Thomas & Jacqueline ReddenKami Oller
AABG NBD BLURRED VISION6/2/16Nathan DuncanDavid Duncan & Family
FNHR SHADOW'S PRIDE7/11/16Julie StellingwerfMark & Debbie Anderson
AJBG AGNEW GRAND RUEHL-R8/10/16Curtis & Linda PrimeAgnew Boers
TEEL TST1 LOADED UP10/5/16Noah TeelNoah Teel
QUALITY BOER SMOKIN HOT RED RUGER1/16/17Catherine CrawfordWilliam P Stanton
AFB2 DOC HOLIDAY4/4/17Morgan LekaMark Fraser
BB14 /AABG/NBD "MAYHEM"5/10/17Bryan Fountain & Blakely ClementsBryan Fountain & Blakely Clements
AABG NBD FACE THE FACTS5/10/17Marjorie Skaggs/Scotty & Jenn MerrillNathan Duncan
TST1 WINDY ACRES TRIPLE D5/10/17Terry & Sue TaylorTerry & Sue Taylor
EGGS THE FIX IS IN C5665/10/17Tom Moore FamilyJohn or Jackie Edwards
2M BOER GOATS ALL IN7/14/17Paul & Kim MorganPaul & Kim Morgan
NEWTON FARMS ROCKIN TROUBLE D0657/14/17Seth GoodwinMarjorie Skaggs/Scotty & Jenn Merrill
AABG NBD WOODFORD RESERVE7/14/17Paul & Kim MorganDavid Duncan & Family
FIRE BUSH FARM BLOODY HELL9/11/17Robert & Deanna ClarkLarry & Deirdre Hillman
HAZE MIND GAMES10/1/17Victoria Ehrhardt,Garrett Ehrhardt & Mark LundgrenHazen Bisnett
MWCC ABSOLUTE MOMENTUM10/1/17Irving & Mary Hefner & FamilyMarshall & Janet Griffith
ROR1 EGGS FIXIN' TO PARTY11/1/17Samuel LerenaSamuel Lerena
AABG JAGGER12/1/17Marlene TerrellAble Acres
LB3 C012/1/18Jennifer JohnsonRichard & Stacey Bisnett
4-L BOER GOATS 4-L REYZER SHARP3/1/18Jared LindenfelserJared Lindenfelser
ERWIN GAMES OVER3/1/18Josh StephansMaurice & Kim Erwin
AGNEW BO'S RE-RUN5/1/18Rance RueJames Agnew / Brenda Larner
DSL LOCKTITE6/1/18Shelley CobleAllison Scott
WONDER LIVESTOCK PIMP JUICE6/1/18Steve & Dale WilsonCasey Adamick & Jordan Buehne
PSM3 DREAMERS PRINCE6/1/18Nelson SmithLeslie Bryant
GG'S BUSTIN UP THE JOINT7/1/18Darin ClemonsGayle Garrett
KENMO KMF RAFEAL7/1/18Terry & Jerilynn ReynoldsTerry & Jerilynn Reynolds
VIRGINIA BOER RANCH VBR THE VIRGINIAN7/1/18Sharon & Phil FullertonGerald & Jill E Wingfield