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In late 2004 we were fortunate to find Merritt’s L.H. Wisdom at a production sale. She was almost five years old, but one look and we knew she would leave the sale with us. Wisdom originally comes from William Merritt’s outstanding breeding program (you will see the Merritt name several times in the list of does of excellence). Despite being 50% Nubian, Wisdom looks all Boer and can stand favorably against many fullblood does in terms of her muscling, length, and width. At 7yrs old she weighed in at 238 lbs while nursing kids and not overweight. One of her weaknesses is her lack of femininity, and that combined with her size and muscling often has visitors asking, “who’s that buck?” Despite the thinking on lack of productivity of non-feminine does, Wisdom has been a good producer having kidded four times in the three years we have owned her. Points for her “Doe of Excellence” award come from her first two daughters: WHG Stingers Savvy and WHG Warriors VooDoo. Now eight years old in early 2008, Wisdom remains strong on her feet and legs and remains in full production. We hope to have many more years of kids from this beautiful doe. Our thanks to William Merritt for producing an animal of this quality, and also to Outback Boers for selling us the two outstanding colored bucks, Scorpios Stinger and Red Warrior, who sired the daughters responsible for Wisdom becoming a Doe of Excellence. Elise Conlee
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