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The story starts in 1996, Dennie and Sherri Clark purchased a ½ Spanish ½ Boer doe #H65 (Latte) from Jim & Lynn Farmer. In 2000 we bred her to a Mojo Magic son, JLF Captain (also from the Farmers). This breeding produced two beautiful does. One, a paint and one correct with a red tail, this was HC Lacy. Lacy grew and flourished and was bred to EGGS Blake which we purchased from John and Jackie Edwards. She produced four daughters (HC Lucy, HC Lara, HC High C Lara and HC High C Leah. Three of her four daughters had the honor of earning 125 points and establishing HC Lacy as a “Percentage Doe of Excellence”. We are humbled by her excellence and honored to be a recipient of the “Percentage Doe of Excellence Award”.