Percentage Doe of Excellence

For ABGA Registered 50% through 88% Percentage Boer Does

Rule 1300: Percentage Doe of Excellence Award

  • A. Animal eligibility
    • i.The Percentage Doe of Excellence Award Program is open to ABGA registered Percentage (50% through 88%) Does.
    • ii. Any animal owned by an individual whose membership has been denied or revoked is ineligible for the Percentage Doe of Excellence Award.
    • iii. Eligible percentage does must meet the requirements for points earned as described under Point Requirements shown below.
    • iv. Registered percentage does may earn points for their dam and themselves through ABGA sanctioned shows.
    • v. Registered Purebred (15/16 or higher) female progeny may contribute points to their dam. They may not earn points for themselves for this award.
    • vi. Percentage bucks (less than 31/32) may earn points for their dam through ABGA approved Performance Gain Tests if the following requirements are met:
      • a. Progeny must have an ABGA Record of Pedigree.
      • b.The Performance Test must be conducted in accordance with ABGA Performance Test Rules and Regulations (Rule 1200).
      • c. The performance test average (ADG) for bucks entered is required to be greater than or equal to 3/10 (.3) pounds per day in order for points to be awarded.
      • d. Points will be awarded to a Percentage Boer buck according to the following point chart:
      ABGA Performance Test Points
      # ABGA Percentage Bucks on Test ADG Rank Among ABGA Percentage Bucks on Test
      1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
      1 to 3 1
      4 to 5 2 1
      6 to 7 3 2 1
      8 to 9 4 3 2 1
      10 5 4 3 2 1
      11 to 25 10 5 4 3 2 1
      26 to 50 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
      51 to 100 20 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
      101 to 175 25 20 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
      176 or more 30 25 20 15 10 5 4 3 2 1
    • vii. Progeny is defined as direct offspring of the Percentage Doe resulting from natural breeding, artificial insemination, or embryo transfer.
  • B. Point Requirements
    • i. The percentage doe will be required to have a combined total of one hundred (100) points earned by the doe and her progeny.
    • ii. A minimum of 15 points must be earned by at least two progeny, with a minimum of five (5) points each.
    • iii. Points earned by male progeny through ABGA Performance Tests will be awarded to the doe.
    • iv. Points will be awarded to the doe and/or percentage female progeny under the Points Award rules for ABGA Sanctioned Shows and ABGA National Shows as follows:
      • a. A formal show report containing the animals’ names, ABGA registration numbers, tattoos, the total number of animals exhibited in the show and in each class shall be completed by the show secretary and submitted to the ABGA office within 30 days of the show.
      • b. The overall Grand and Reserve Champions of ABGA sanctioned show will receive additional points correlating with the total number animals exhibited in their gender division.
      • c. Junior, Yearling, and Senior Division Champions shall receive additional points based on the number of animals exhibited in their gender division.
      • d. Points earned since July 1, 2004 will count toward this award.
      • e. Points will be awarded as shown in the following Percentage Doe Sanctioned Show Points Chart:
        ABGA Class Points
        # Exhibited in Class Placing in Class
        1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
        1 to 3 1
        4 to 5 2
        6 to 7 3
        8 to 9 4
        10 5
        11 to 25 10 5
        26 to 50 15 10 5
        51 to 100 20 15 10 5
        101 to 175 25 20 15 10 5
        176 or more 30 25 20 15 10 5
        Division Champion Points
        # Exhibited in Percentage Gender Division Overall Grand Champion Overall Reserve Champion
        1 to 25 3 1
        26 to 50 5 2
        51 or more 10 5
        Overall Champion Points
        # Exhibited in Percentage Gender Division Overall Grand Champion Overall Reserve Champion
        1 to 10 5 2
        11 to 25 10 5
        26 to 50 15 10
        51 to 100 20 15
        101 to 175 25 20
        176 or more 30 25
  • C. Inspection Requirement
    • i. No inspection will be required of the percentage doe or progeny.
Percentage Doe of Excellence Honor DateOwner
(on date of ennoblement)
J5 JUANITA 09/15/05Rick/Gayla/Christopher Childress J Five Limited 
WCM M163 11/28/05Rebecca Cogswell William C. Merritt 
BLUE RIBBON SIRENA 11/28/05Blue Ribbon Boers Blue Ribbon Boers 
HC LACY 01/11/06Dennie & Sherri Clark  Dennie & Sherri Clark  
LM MONDAY 01/11/06Lloyd & Linda Guilford  Lynne & Michael Moos  
HILLTOP FLOWER 01/11/06Todd E. McLeod  Pete & Beverly Warlick 
S2 N44 02/28/06Sisters II Sisters II 
MERRITTS L34 05/19/06Mike & Maureen Reis  Jim & Stephanie Barrie 
JRRJ SOUTHERN BELLE'S RAINBOW 08/15/06Rick & Gayla Childress Roger & Janice Nodine 
2SIS 558J 08/15/06Powell / Holman  Powell / Holman 
R4R RAWNIE 08/15/06Mike & Maureen Reis  Jim & Stepahnie Barrie 
DL L55 10/17/06Kent, Amy, Amanda & Sam Davidson  Kent, Amy, Amanda & Sam Davidson 
COOPERSTOWNS DANCING IN THE DARK 10/17/06Jane Willis  Jane Willis 
PARKER'S GOURMET GAYLA 10/17/06Nick Gylling Theresa Parker 
TWIN STAR'S RED HOT 12/21/06Ryan Diefenbach  David & Toni Giardina  
POWELL/HOLMAN 2SIS 800L 02/28/07Turnabout Farms/Amy Mabe Powell/Holman 
JRA1 RISCKY EYES 06/07/07Nicole Patterson Agnew Boers 
ARCCF HOLLY 06/07/07Kathryn Hawthorn Buddy & Missy or Dusty Dotson 
EDSR P76 06/07/07Courtney D. Scott Ernie & Debra Schwartz 
GG’S SANDRA 06/07/07Gayle Garrett Gayle Garrett 
EDSR R311 06/07/07Ernie & Debra Schwartz Quinton Foster 
ONBG CHEROKEE PRINCESS 06/07/07Larry & Sherri Stephens Family Larry & Sherri Stephens Family 
SHERWOOD FARMS CASEY 08/11/07Madison Watts Sherwood Farms 
LHB "MADD BABY" 09/05/07Larry & Sherri Stephens Family Walham Meat Goats and Livestock 
MERRITT'S L.H. ABRA CA DABRA 09/05/07Kim Dougherty William C. Merritt 
MERRITT'S L.H. WISDOM10/12/07Elise Conlee William C. Merritt 
WC1 WC37 11/02/07Tanner Cude 3C Ranch 
S2 S43 COOL DAZZLER 12/05/07Sisters II Sisters II 
S2 R17 I'M A TRICK 12/05/07Sisters II Sisters II 
S2 SNIPPY 12/05/07Sisters II Sisters II 
S2 JOY 12/05/07Sisters II Sisters II 
BZ1 P158 01/14/08Rita Miller Robin Zimmerman 
CHAPEL CREEK CLOUDETTE R02 01/14/08Kathryn Hawthorn Buddy, Missy & Dusty Dodson 
JH1 ISABELLA 01/14/08Amanda Perkins Harry B. & Janice D. Bollier 
R4R TAWNIE 01/14/08Mike & Maureen Reis Mike & Maureen Reis 
JRA1 AGNEW'S LIL' WHITE DOVE 01/14/08Agnew Boers Agnew Boers 
EDSR M96801/14/08Ernie & Debra Schwartz Ernie & Debra Schwartz 
LUCH SILVER MAPLE'S FIFTY CENT 01/14/08Robert McMahen Clarence & Tammie Luchini 
LKJ SAMANTHA R25 01/14/08Larry & Sherri Stephens & Family Jeffries Farms, LLC 
BGR M176 "FROSTY" 01/14/08Lucinda Birkenfeld Don & Tommie Williams 
ROK R63 SISSY 05/31/08Rebecca Cogswell Kris Oliveria 
LILY L.H. AFFINITY 05/31/08Jim & Stephanie Barrie Jim & Stephanie Barrie 
TR FINA 05/31/08Dr. Pat & Holly McShane W.E. Whitehead 
S2 FROSTED CRICKET 05/31/08Sisters II Sisters II 
CLTD LADY AUTUMN06/06/08John & Mary Morrow Teresa Hildebrand 
ONBG GOLDIE 06/06/08Larry, Sherri Stephens & Family Larry, Sherri Stephens & Family 
LCBG LEWIS CREEK MARLA 06/06/08Greg, Jordan & Kara Patterson Greg, Jordan & Kara Patterson 
TWIN STAR'S STRUCK 06/06/08Ryan Diefenbach David & Toni Giardina 
HBS OP54 09/02/08Maple Grove Farm Hugh & Ann Schafer 
JH BAR ABIYOYO 09/02/08Johnny Hopfinger & Judy Wolfe Johnny Hopfinger & Judy Wolfe 
WHG WARRIORS VOODOO 09/02/08Elise Conlee Elise Conlee 
LEANING TREE T. EVORA 09/02/08Leslie Bader-Robinson Leslie Bader-Robinson 
R4R RYLEE 11/28/08Mike & Maureen Reis Mike & Maureen Reis 
GNCF PRIDDY'S PEARL 11/28/08Vicki Stich River Bluff Farm 
STONEY POINT FARM LIZZIE 11/28/08John & Mary Morrow John & Mary Morrow 
BLUE GAINEY'S SHEA 12/31/08Aryn May Shelton & Joetta Boyd 
RNF ANGEL 12/31/08Dakotah Neff Rockin n Farms 
MARTIN FARMS SUNSHINE 03/01/09Bob & Diane Martin  Bob & Diane Martin 
PPPG Red Gate Cleopatra 03/19/09Levi Messer Bret Rodenbeck 
7D'S DAISY P22 04/30/09Noah Ridings 7D Boer Goats 
RNR MS-02 05/29/09Lecil Church Tommy and Ronnie Nix 
SAFD 112 05/29/09Paul and Kim Morgan Steve and Anita Dahnke 
3/R RANCH RAIN RED 05/29/09Becki Crighton Bob and Kim Ridpath 
HIDALGO BOERS HT DULCE DE LECHE 05/29/09Leslie-Bader Robinson Viki Jardine 
BSK1 K7 V101 PEAPOD 05/29/09Sam Kroeker Sam Kroeker 
PPPG Red Gate Blondie 05/31/09Levi messer Bret Rodenbeck 
FSE 4065 CURIOSITY 06/30/09Wess and Lori Peterson Jim and Lynn Farmer 
ONBG'S BO'S GOLDEN NUGGET 09/30/09Larry and Sherri Stephens Family Larry and Sherri Stephens Family 
SWF LIZA JANE 10/01/09Jim & Shelly Patterson Jim & Shelly Patterson 
JRA1 AGNEW'S BO-LILLEY 10/01/09Agnew Boers Agnews Boers 
T.A.P AMELIA 10/01/09Alma A & Robert Staples Tiffany Palmer 
AMARUGIA MOCHA 01/01/10Ryan Diefenbach Ryan Diefenbach 
T4 RANCH'S ANGELINA 01/01/10W.E. Whitehead W.E. Whitehead 
LFC ELLEN 01/01/10Linda Faye Cullers Linda Faye Cullers 
JRA1 AGNEW'S RAVISHING RUBY 01/01/10Michael & Janet Hagan Agnew Boers 
BK1 Cassie 01/01/10Cindy Black Vaughn & Edythe Bradley 
KRG V301 DELLA MAE 01/01/10Heather Gillaspie Pit, Linda or Josh Kemmer 
PINE BANK W1 ROZELLA 06/01/10Timothy, Arlan & Becky Humble Timothy, Arlan & Becky Humble 
S2 LATE NIGHT TRICK 06/01/10Sisters II Sisters II 
BELLA ACRES BELL'S MIRACLE 08/01/10Cindy Price Nora Lovelace 
CRMG P10 08/01/10Rick & Gayla Childress Cedar Ridge Meat Goats 
R4R VERONICA 08/01/10Mike & Maureen Reis Mike & Maureen Reis 
IER1 EUB DAISEY 08/01/10Alex Eubanks David, Kim & Alex Eubanks 
RCD S068 08/01/10Julie & Dave Maxwell Randy & Cindy Dusek 
V X BORDER BOERS BARRY'S GIRL 09/01/10John Kroeker Border Boers 
BKWOO9 PHLAMES STAR 09/01/10Vaughn & Edythe Bradley Vaughn & Edythe Bradley 
S2 CHARADE 09/01/10Sister II Sister II 
CLD1 TANGLETREES JOLEE 10/01/10Rick & Gayla Childress Rick & Gayla Childress 
R4R TABBLY 10/01/10Mike & Maureen Reis Mike & Maureen Reis 
RAWHIDE MARGO 10/01/10Cheyenne Dana Kim Dougherty 
BRGF DORI 11/01/10Davis Moye Davis Moye 
KALR S709 11/01/10Trey Latiolais Kallie-Harie Reds 
WHG STINGER'S SAVVY 11/01/10Elise Conlee Elise Conlee 
MARTIN FARMS TARA 02/01/11Bob & Diane Martin Bob & Diane Martin 
NORTH FORK SHOW GOATS BGB2 JOSIE 02/01/11Burl & Robin Graham Mark A Gough 
BSK1 KFF PAINTED LADY 02/01/11Reilly Butler Sam Kroeker 
PWZ ZAP-TEX WARRIOR'S CORAZON 02/01/11Patrick & Callene Zapalac Patrick & Callene Zapalac 
JORD W7003 04/01/11Reilly Butler Mike Jordan 
BK1 488 MAY 05/01/11Cindy Black Vaughn & Edythe Bradley 
RED2 RED GATE BRIAR ROSE 05/01/11Henry Goodwin Levi Messer 
LFC JUNE 05/01/11Linda Faye Cullers Linda Faye Cullers 
TCW TYRA 07/01/11Josalyn Lewis Tye & Carla Williamson 
LILY'S DOUBLE DOT 07/01/11Allison Fister Lillian H. Kinsey 
BA CHESTNUT SPRINGS PATALOON 07/01/11Chestnut Springs Farm Chestnut Springs Farm 
RED CROWN SUGAR DUMPLING 08/04/11Buck & Natalie Pruitt Buck & Natalie Pruitt 
CLD1 TANGLETREES DIVINE DAMAGE 08/04/11Rick & Gayla Childress Rick & Gayla Childress 
WINDRUSH TAPESTRY 08/04/11Susan & Vern Thorp  Susan & Vern Thorp  
M4R JMLC W512 08/04/11Kathie & Katie Diemer Randall S. Murray DVM 
K C F SHOW RING GIRL 08/04/11Kendall, Katie, & Hilari Theriot John, Lisa, Katie & Chris Strecker 
R4R VALENCIA 08/04/11Mike & Maureen Reis Mike & Maureen Reis 
BAR NONE OSCAR'S JOY 08/04/11Robin L. Walters Robin L. Walters 
OHKKD MILEY 08/04/11Kylie Detwiler Kylie Detwiler 
BSA SMORES 08/04/11Aryn May Proctor Aryn May Proctor 
COOPERSTOWN'S INTEGRITY 09/01/11Jane Willis Jane Willis 
CONI PAPARIKA 09/01/11Robin Walters Coni Ross 
ANR SER1 MARDI GRAS 09/01/11Beth & Randy Ellerbrock Ashley Reeves 
2BBT TEXANNA 09/01/11Margie Turner Margie Turner 
SP2 HAZEL'S SHY VIOLET 12/02/11John and Mary Morrow John and Mary Morrow 
K7 KFF COOKIE DOE 12/02/11John Kroeker, Pair-a-Docs Boer Goats John Kroeker 
PETERSON'S FARMS SPOTACULAR 12/02/11Treva & Wess Peterson Treva & Wess Peterson 
HASTA FARMS LEE ANNE 12/02/11Larry & Deirdre Hillman Susan Hahn or Rick Czelusta 
MSRI MOONSTONE S207 12/02/11Rebecca Cogswell Rebecca Cogswell 
RAWHIDE RIZZO 12/02/11Samuel Lerena Kim Dougherty 
FSE LYNNETTA 12/02/11James Agnew / Brenda Larner Jim & Lynn Farmer 
AJBG AGNEW ALL-OVER-THE-RUEHLS 04/01/12Cindy and Whitney Black Agnew Boers 
LUVLEE COPPER CREEK PG 05/01/12Becki Crighton Patti Ross 
PWZ ZAP-TEX GOODNIGHT IRENE 06/01/12Custom Color Boer Goats Zap-Tex Boer Goats 
POPLAR HILL W19 06/01/12Casey Bounds Poplar Hill Farm 
2FUN DOVE CHOCOLATE 06/01/122 Fun Boer Goats 2 Fun Boer Goats 
V AABG MISS SIMPTON 06/01/12Sarah Brend Border Boers 
MAB TURTLE ROCK SHANDY 06/01/12Sandy Grambort & Agnew  Turtle Rock Ranch 
LVNM "T" ROSE 06/01/12Love'NM Ranch Boer Goats Love'NM Ranch Boer Goats 
OVF OHIO VALLEY FARMS TWILA 06/01/12Zida Acres Ohio Valley Farms 
BA CSF PAWNEE PUVEE 06/01/12Chestnut Springs Farm Chestnut Springs Farm 
JFL1 CD MAKE IT OR BRAKE IT 06/01/12Diemer's Hill Top Boer Goats Jay and Lindsay Lampe 
RED2 RED GATE JUNE BUG 07/01/12Kent Hollingsworth Levi Messer 
KFG HAWK'S KAYLA 07/01/12Kay & Don Kotwica Tatiana Stanton 
RCD LAZY S-T FLASHDRIVE 07/01/12Jared Hopkins Randy & Cindy Dusek 
CRMG P9 07/01/12Ronald, Beth, & Hannah Cedar Ridge Meat Goats 
RED2 REDGATE YELLOW ROSE 07/01/12Phillip, Anita, & Levi Messer Levi Messer 
TW1 NOT SO BOERING CHAQUITA 07/01/12Sharon Fullerton Tom/Cassie Weatherhead/ Family 
2BBT MARGARETTA 07/01/12Mark & Debbie Anderson Margie Turner 
2M BOER GOATS - BELLA - DONNA 08/01/122M - Boer Goats 2M - Boer Goats 
GAIBALEA FARM - AGNEW B-SCANDALOUS 08/01/12GG's Boer Goat Ranch Gaibalea Farm 
JADE1 LUCKY LADY 08/01/12Virgil Lovell Chama Jade Martin 
WINDRUSH FINISHING TOUCH 08/01/12ACLA Boers Windrush Farms 
S2 CHIC TO CHIC 10/01/12A Bar Boer Goats Sisters II 
LEANING TREE T. PAINTEDLADY 10/01/12Leaning Tree Leaning Tree 
BAR NONE 5S VALENTINE 10/01/12Bar None Meat Goats Bar None Meat Goats 
BA CSF SKY LARK 10/01/12Chestnut Spring Farm Chestnut Spring Farm 
BA CSF KALLIE SUE 12/01/12Chestnut Springs Farm Chestnut Springs Farm 
LAZY S-T FROSTY'S PRIDE & JOY 03/01/13Kailee Jo Jones Lucinda Birkenfield 
BK1 RIVER VALLEY FARMS DAYTONA 05/01/13Cindy & Whitney Black Vaughn & Edythe Bradley 
BUSHWHACKER'S ISABELLE 05/01/13Brett Snead Brett Snead 
K7 KFF HOT COOKIE 05/01/13John Kroeker John Kroeker 
GG'S THAT GIRL IS PRETTY IN PINK 05/01/13Gayle Garrett Gayle Garrett 
LDJC ELK CREEK W62 06/01/13Lecil Church Lecil Church 
CSF95 Z4 06/01/13Seth Goodwin William Strecker 
BRGF YELLOW BELL 06/01/13Davis Moye Davis Moye 
STONEY POINT FARM AUBURN 06/01/13Stoney Point Farm Stoney Point Farm 
STONEY POINT LEISEL 06/01/13Stoney Point Farm Stoney Point Farm 
ONBG BLING BLING 07/01/13Mike & Maureen Reis Sherri Inman Stephens & Family 
LCE KRAZY L MISS LAYLA 07/01/13Madeline Huskamp Lauren Elder 
BA CSF PUSSY GALORE 07/01/13Chestnut Springs Farm Chestnut Springs Farm 
MACG MAC GOAT T329 07/01/13Joshua Barker  Matt & Claudia 
TDH1 LUCKY CHARM'S THAT-A-GIRL 07/01/13Toni Hawkins Toni Hawkins 
MACG MAC GOAT T329 08/01/13Joshua Barker Matt and Claudia Gurn 
ARIAL 09/01/13Bailey Bergherm Bailey Bergherm 
WINDRUSH JEWEL 09/01/13Susan and Vern Thorp Susan and Vern Thorp 
LVB1 DADDY'S GIRL A103 09/01/13Isaiah Bartenslager Josh Taylor 
LAND OF GRACE 08 LAURA 09/01/13Sharon Fullerton Sharon Fullerton 
CLCC GUNSMONKE TRIGGER 09/01/13Lori Copeland Lori Copeland 
1OH TOP BRASS SPICEY GIRL 09/01/13Irving and Mary Hefner and Family Irving and Mary Hefner and Family 
4-L MISS 4-L Y019 11/01/134-L Boer Goats 4-L Boer Goats 
FSE CHULA 11/01/13Amy Beth Moran Jim and Lynn Farmer 
K7 FORTUNE COOKIE 01/01/14Reilly Butler John Kroeker 
GSR FOCAL POINT03/11/14Sarah Brend Sarah Brend 
2MC NIGHT MOVES 04/01/14Michael Correia Michael Correia 
RDBF WINDING OAKS FLO DOLL 05/01/14Kaitlynn Miller Kaitlynn Miller 
PINE BANK A2 RENI6/3/14Timothy
K7 KFF PURE PLEASURE6/3/14Reilly Butler
PINE BANK W2 RONDA6/3/14Timothy
MFR1 SUNDAY'S ROSE6/3/14Raelynn Butler
ONBG SNOW WHITE6/3/14Kamryn Bridges
RONSAL PENNY LANE6/3/14Tyler Jack Peterson
TOM HUDSON'S W109P7/1/14Toni Hawkins
LYNX HOLLOW FLASH8/7/14Alyse Armstrong
SZ22 SZ228/7/14Criswell Club Goats
PDF W 1068/7/14Tom, Cassie Weatherhead family
C1C GOOD VIBES8/7/14Matthew Westfall
BIG2 TRIPLE CROWN8/7/14Buckeye Illini Genetics
ZA Z089/4/14Caleb
2M BOER GOATS Y16410/12/14Lacey Roe
ERWIN SUNKIST10/12/14Paul Middlesworth
HASTA FARMS CHUMANI'S TRIBUTE10/12/14Susan Hahn or Rick Czelusta
SNSD BLINGALICIOUS10/12/14Sheila Smith
BA CSF ROSETTA STONE10/12/14Chestnut Springs Farm
MCSF MOORE's B1410/12/14Maverick Roe
LOVE'NM STARDOM BOUND10/12/14Megan Shepherd & Kenny Elwood
RED2 RED GATE SU-Z-Q11/4/14Chestnut Springs Farm
LAND OF GRACE D4 ROSIE11/4/14Sharon & Phil Fullerton
SVFS PUMPKIN11/4/14River Bluff Farm
WRR MYRTLE THE TURTLE12/5/14Tartaglia Boer Goats
LAZY S-T APPLELUCY3/6/15Jared Hopkins
LAZY S-T DREAM FROST3/6/15Rebecca Simpson
EUB SINFULL4/1/15David
C12 D2R CALLISTA5/6/15Rylee O'Connell
2M BOER GOATS 2M-RHIANNON5/6/15Thomas & Jaqueline Redden
GG4 GG'S Y14 OOH BABY6/3/2015Darin ClemonsGayle Garrett
HARMONY HILL FRANCISCA6/3/2015Jennifer KeysJennifer Keys
LGF3 CUPCAKE6/3/2015Sharon & Phil FullertonSharon & Phil Fullerton
FIRE BUSH FARM ROSE ANNE6/3/2015Larry & Deirdre HillmanLarry & Deirdre Hillman
LRB PINTO6/3/2015Shelby ArmstrongGuy & Joanne Miner
OXC ALLIE 10086/3/2015Julie StellingwerfJulie Stellingwerf
BA CSF CALYPSO PUVEE6/3/2015Chestnut Springs FarmChestnut Springs Farm
MGF5 M&G FARMS BLING BLING7/13/2015Ronald, Beth & Hannah GoebRonald, Beth & Hannah Goeb
WILSON ACRES ' MAMA CETA7/13/2015Rodney Wilson Jr & Colby WilsonRodney Wilson Jr & Colby Wilson
ONBG PLAY TIME7/13/2015Cameron ReigleSherri Inman (Stephens)
PF08 THUNDER BOLT7/13/2015Nicholas PitlickPaige Pitlick
MSRI MOONSTONE SHIRLEY7/13/2015Jerrimy & Shelley ClarkRebecca Cogswell
BSA DOSEY DOE7/13/2015Taylor HarrisAryn May
BAB4 JACKIE RED7/13/2015Eli CarieBailey Bergherm
PF08 PEACHES8/5/2015Paige PitlickPaige Pitlick
1OH CATCH ME IF YOU CAN9/1/2015Irving & Mary Hefner & FamilyIrving & Mary Hefner & Family
LYNX HOLLOW RED TAIL DASH9/1/2015Alyse ArmstrongCary Heyward
BAB4 ABBYS DARLIN10/9/2015Bailey BerghermBailey Bergherm
TEEL BARBIE'S EBONY AND IVORY10/9/2015Thomas & Jacqueline ReddenNoah Teel
4-L STRATEGICALLY SPECKLED11/2/20154-L Boer Goats4-L Boer Goats
LVB1 ZIPPY Z9111/2/2015Maggie BartenslagerJosh Taylor
LOVE'NM ABBA-ZABBA12/2/2015Melissa & Neil LoveMelissa & Neil Love
S3S CUTE AS A BUG12/2/2015Robin L WaltersSkeeter Sprinkles
JORD QUEENIE1/5/2016John KroekerMike Jordan
FINLEY BOERS LIBERTY4/6/2016Jeri TroeskenDonna Finley
ERWIN RIPPIN SWEET4/6/2016Maurice & Kim ErwinMaurice & Kim Erwin
SNSD BLINGS JEWEL5/9/16Seth GoodwinJames E & Sheila Smith
RITCHEY'S ROCKING STING RAY 90656/2/16Matthew SinclairGrant & Craig Ritchey
MADI PRISCILLA6/2/16Madison FentonMadison Fenton
AMARUGIA MOCHALATTE6/2/16Don & Tracy Diefenbach, Ryan & Tisha DiefenbachDon & Tracy Diefenbach, Ryan & Tisha Diefenbach
RED5 REVIVE US AGAIN6/2/16Kyndal MillerPhillip, Anita & Levi Messer
ASBB BRILEY'S PURE ELEGANCE6/2/16Marjorie Skaggs/Scotty & Jenn MerrillAlexis Briley
TATER 'S B056/2/16Ollie SeawellOllie Seawell
BLUE TOP FARM KICKERS BLUE BABY 26/2/16Patricia MakerGerald R Peterson
STONEY POINT FARM DARLENE7/11/16John & Mary MorrowJohn & Mary Morrow
BGR BLUE GAINEY'S ZOOM ZOOM7/11/16Brody HazelbakerCaitlin McKeehan
LOVE'NM HAIL MARY7/11/16Melissa & Neil LoveMelissa & Neil Love
FORGOTTEN ACRES CARMEN7/11/16Carol S LloydCarol S Lloyd
STAR E RANCH SHE'S GOT IT ALL7/11/16Morgan LekaBeth & Randy Ellerbrock
CAG10 EYE CANDY7/11/16Generic Sold for Breeding HerdJohn, Lisa, John II & Analyse Alvara
JAD SRB HALLEY'S COMET7/11/16Justin, Jared, Jason DyjakJustin, Jared, Jason Dyjak
MSRI MOONSTONE X458/10/16Jerrimy & Shelley ClarkRebecca Cogswell
RITCHEY'S CGRSG MISS DIAMOND 70998/10/16Ryan ThrockmortonGrant & Craig Ritchey
WWHF MINT JULEP8/10/16Jonathan WalkerJonathan Walker
WWHF BELLA8/10/16Jonathan WalkerJonathan Walker
KATIE DOTTIE8/10/16Edward, Josh, Tonjia & Katie MayneEdward, Josh, Tonjia & Katie Mayne
FORGOTTEN ACRES TIFFANY8/10/16Carol S LloydCarol S Lloyd
ROLLIN R CALLIOPE8/10/16Chris RadloffChris Radloff
KFG SPIN QUEST9/12/16Daniel & Jessica TownerKay & Don Kotwica
TDH1 SO SHOW ME9/12/16Tena BernettToni Hawkins
1OH "HELLO BEAUTIFUL"9/12/16Irving & Mary Hefner & FamilyIrving & Mary Hefner & Family
ROSELEDGE ENCHANTRESS9/12/16Curtis & Linda PrimeCurtis & Linda Prime
KFG KOTLAND FARM DELTA10/5/16Kay & Don KotwicaKay & Don Kotwica
SLKY SO REAL10/5/16Terry & Sue TaylorBob Seelke
KATIE PECAN10/5/16Edward, Josh, Tonjia & Katie MayneEdward, Josh, Tonjia & Katie Mayne
CAPRIOLE'S GLITTER N GRACE11/4/16Madison FentonTerry Brown
SRR1 HIT GIRL11/4/16John, Lisa, John II & Analyse AlvaraRichard & Sue Oliveira
EWP JERALDINE11/4/16Jason BrashearErnest Pasley
JAB1 RCBG JAZZY11/4/16Sydney BatyJustine Barnfield
4-L BOER GOATS 4-L MISS REYDIANT11/4/164-L Boer Goats4-L Boer Goats
PARKER'S GOURMET TIKA1/16/17Kimberly LieferHannah J Kirk
K1K2 AAPRINA ACRES SERENDIPITY1/16/17Kimberly LieferKimberly Liefer
BK1 BK ACES CANDY4/4/17Vaughn & Edythe BradleyVaughn & Edythe Bradley
BLUE GAINEY'S CRISPY CREME4/4/17Shelton & Joetta BoydShelton & Joetta Boyd
WRR - ROR1 MIME4/4/17Maurice & Kim ErwinChuck & Judy Kaye
BK1 FORTUNE QUEEN4/4/17Vaughn & Edythe BradleyVaughn & Edythe Bradley
BA CSF BIANCA5/10/17Chestnut Springs FarmChestnut Springs Farm
DL CALAMITY JANE5/10/17Kent,Amy,Amanda&Sam DavidsonKent,Amy,Amanda&Sam Davidson
TDH1 CASH ME IN7/14/17Toni HawkinsToni Hawkins
DL RED RIDINGHOOD7/14/17Galen SteinerKent,Amy,Amanda&Sam Davidson
TCHR DIRTY WHITE GIRL9/1/17Teresa WestmuckettStephen Alex Pate
RITCHEY'S CGRSG ROCKING 910811/3/17Ryan ThrockmortonGrant & Craig Ritchey
TDH1 TWEST STRATEGIC RED POWER11/3/17Teresa WestmuckettToni Hawkins
GSR SWEET BLISS12/1/17Piper FisherSarah Brend
JC BOER GOATS SAMBUCA12/1/17Julie CarreiroJulie Carreiro
CLCC MISS PERFECT RUMBLE1/1/18Lori CopelandLori Copeland
LGF3 JOLENE6/1/18Sharon & Phil FullertonSharon & Phil Fullerton
XHMD AMERICAN HONEY6/1/18Hannah DarrHannah Darr
1HAZE ROYAL SCANDAL6/1/18Brody HazelbakerBryan & Amy Hazelbaker
BOBG GOODNIGHT MAXINE6/1/18Tom Moore FamilyChris, Trisha, Kaitlyn & John Rumsey
KATIE ALMOND JOY7/1/18Ed, Tonjia, Josh & Katie MayneEdward, Josh, Tonjia & Katie Mayne