Breed Standards

Wherever there are livestock associations, there are attempts to describe the ideal animal of a breed. Breed standards are the result of these attempts. They are guidelines for breeders to ensure that the animals they produce conform to the defined characteristics of the breed.  The show ring provides a venue where breeders can showcase the results of their programs and compete with other breeders. Judges evaluate animals in the show ring according to the breed standards.  The American Boer Goat Association combined its standards for Full Blood and Percentage goats.  The standards listed below are effective Jan. 1, 2017. The link “Changes Effective Jan. 2017 and Jan. 2018 is a comparison of changes that are effective in 2017 and those that will become effective in 2018. Since it is next to impossible to achieve perfection, each animal will have some combination of desirable and undesirable traits or characteristics. Some of these traits are listed as faults. Extreme cases of these faults may be deemed a disqualification.