San Angelo Office Relocation Update

The San Angelo office has moved to its new location.

The new address is:
​American Boer Goat Association
4258 S Jackson St
San Angelo, Texas 76903

Here are some points to help you as we transition to this news space. 

  • The fax line is down and will not be operational until Tuesday, Nov. 26.
  • Any mail or packages sent via UPS and FedEx to the old address will be returned to the original sender. This mail is NOT being forwarded.
  • Mail sent via USPS (Post Office) will be forwarded; however, there is expected to be about a 2 week delay in mail that is waiting to be forwarded. Please be sure you use the new address, instead of expecting the mail to be redirected.
  • The office is operating on 1 (one) phone line, instead of its usual 5. You may get a busy signal or voice mail more than expected. Please be patient. This should be resolved early next week (week of Nov. 25).
  • While email have been affected, the office staff does have email access.
  • Online live IS operational.
JABGA Regional Shows

Region 1 – April 4, 2020
Region 2 – November 2, 2019, May 23, 2020
Region 3 -September 28, 2019
Region 4 – October 12, 2019* NEW DATE
Region 5  -November 16,2019


ABGA is a registry association offering marketing and education information, and registration and pedigree tracking for producers and youth in the commercial meat goat, show stock and seed stock industries.

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ABGA sanctioned shows give breeders of ABGA registered goats a cost-effective way to showcase the results of their program, and compare their results to those of other breeders.

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